1. Xformr

    Sold Tinfoil Carbon w/ Titanium Polarized

    Frames are 9/10 because they've been worn several times, but show no signs of wear. No rubbing off of model number or lettering on inside of earstems. Lenses: 9/10 Titanium Iridium Polarized currently mounted in the frames. They were purchased brand new. No signs of wear. 7/10 Emerald Iridium...
  2. Xformr

    Sold Tinfoil Emerald Polarized lenses

    Emerald Iridium Polarized Brand new, never mounted. Purchased as backups a while back and just not needed. Fits both Tinfoil and Tinfoil Carbon. Not Tincan. Asking OBO shipped CONUS (add for int'l) Photo of set mounted is only for reference and are not the lenses that are for sale. Yes, that's...
  3. Sounddragon

    PB II and tinfoils.

    Picked up a mint, twice worn PB II with VR28's a couple of weeks ago from a local Oakley dealer who had them private, but had them as shelf whore because he was afraid of dropping them. I don't keep whores, so I bought them to wear. Paid a very nice price for them, complete with immaculate...
  4. pupp

    New Tinfoils Carbons with prescription lenses too.

    I'm still not sure how I like the look of these as prescription glasses but I've gotten compliments. Also, since they're sunglasses, Oakley does not make my prescription for them so I had to settle for Crizal lenses. Another thing I'll pick at is the positive red lenses, I'd rather have dark...
  5. joscejrod

    Ferrari Edition Tincan Carbon and Tinfoil Carbon

    In March, Oakley is going to release Ferrari version of that frames. I can't understand why oakley has chosen fire iridium (non polarized) for tincans and black iridium polarized for tinfoils (the same that badmans,madmans...)
  6. D

    Finally got these -Tinfoil Carbon Ti!

    Since the day we got the Tinfoil Carbon Ti in store with Ti lenses, I have been dying to get them and well today I finally got them!