1. U

    Sold  Tinfoil New Era 39Thirty Hat

    Tinfoil fitted New Era 39Thirty hat in size medium-large. Worn maybe 4 times and just didn't care for the style. I removed the CVS receipt that was the tag on the inside of the hat prior to first wear, but brand new otherwise. Dark brush / black in M/L Asking $12 shipped CONUS.
  2. U

    Sold  Tinfoil Emerald Polarized lenses

    Emerald Iridium Polarized Brand new, never mounted. Purchased as backups a while back and just not needed. Fits both Tinfoil and Tinfoil Carbon. Not Tincan. Asking OBO shipped CONUS (add for int'l) Photo of set mounted is only for reference and are not the lenses that are for sale. Yes, that's...
  3. U

    Sold  Tinfoil w/ +Red Iridium Lenses

    Selling a like new pair of of Tinfoil w/ +Red Iridium lenses(OO4083-08), never worn just displayed. Just the glasses and microfiber bag. Asking $93 USD which includes PayPal G&S, CONUS Shipping, and shipping insurance.
  4. A

    Tinfoil prizm or tinfoil carbon polarized?

    Is the only difference between the tinfoil and the tinfoil carbon the carbon frame? Is the carbon flexible? I want to purchase either the Model #: 004083-09 Which has the prizm lense but isn't the carbon or the OO6018-04 Which isn't the prizm (I like the color of the lens better though)...
  5. U

    Buying  Tinfoil Carbon(s)

    Looking for one, or if the price is right, two Tinfoil Carbons, no emerald's, prefer Positive red. Must have the Carbon earstems, frame colors may vary. Must be willing to ship to Netherlands.
  6. Jackson32

    My recent purchases

    Here are some of my recent purchases, Medusa, My grail Tinfoil Carbon Titanium w/Tilridum polar Holiday Carabiner #26 through the exchange
  7. Oakley for life

    Tinfoil Prizm!

    I have some good friends in high places and got the hook up with these that will be released in the coming months. They will be making specific Prizm for daily use, and then for running, biking, fishing, mtn biking, etc....
  8. Eastonatti

    New TinCan™/TinFoil™ Carbons And Sliver™ F

    Just a peak of the new Oakley TinCan and TinFoil Carbons and Oakley Silver F Sunglasses from the Oakley catalogue. If anyone has other information regarding these, post it up!