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    Jawbones and TinTin Gascan

    So the first two, I have had for about a month now. I don’t think I posted anything on these two yet but, 1. Infared Jawbone w/Black Iridium vented. 2. The last pair I had, I gave them to my dad so he can match his bicycle, but the second pair is the Atomic Orange Jawbones. Third, thanks to...
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    Sold Pt.2 Gascan x3

    For sale is three sets of Gascans. They are all LNIB, complete with original boxes and papers / mf bags. Each pair has been worn once except the Montoya, which may have been worn a few times more. However, I have not found any scratches or flaws on any of them. The 3D TinTin's saw Batman v...