1. Slim

    Closest Cerakote to match TiO2

    Hi guys, I got my hand on x-metal xx tio2 but the color is already pretty beaten up. I found a certified cerakote applier close to where I live so Im going to ask them to respray them. Question is which H series cerakote colors are closest to the two colors TiO2 combo uses?
  2. XM-I

    My shelf 😬

    A whole lot of cases, and no display case to put ‘em in. In a definitive order below, order of acquisition From my first pair, crystal black gen2 M-Frame sweep black iridium and +Red sweep (cracked hinges 😮‍💨, superglued the hinges, they still open and close, but at least they don’t wobble)...
  3. U

    Sold  X Metal XX Tio2 1st Gen "bone" black iridium w/ Coin and original box

    X Metal XX Tio2 bone finish from 1999 1st Gen Serial: XT028502 Black Iridium lenses These are in fantastic condition and have recently been restored by @NuttyOAK13Y . I believe he can vouch for the condition, too! The arms themselves are still incredibly stiff and there is next to no movement...
  4. U

    Buying  List of XM's - I have cash burning a hole in my pocket

    Hi O fans, I HAD a few quid burning a hole in my pocket so I WAS looking to buy any of the following. If you have something which matches let me know the price. They must be fully boxed, excellent condition, matching etc... I will update this again when funds allow another purchase. Romeo...
  5. U

    Sold  XX Tio2 1st generation

    Hello All, Working on getting out the rest of my XX's so second to last is this one. The frame is super clean, great contrast between the finishes with no signs of oxidation, sits flat and I really can't find anything else wrong with them. The flex coupler is in great shape, just off of...
  6. U

    Buying  XX X-Metal/BI or TiO2 box/matching etc

    Hi all, I’m looking for XX’s In X-Metal/Black Iridium or TiO2. Must have box/papers/coin etc. Must be serial matching. Let me know if you’re tempted to part with anything fitting. Many thanks
  7. E

    First Pair of TiO2 Juliet

    Wow do they really pop and make a statement. Pretty much a brand new pair except for one of the lenses is beginning to delaminate some. The vr28 lens looks sharp outside. I ordered a pair of vr28 BIP lenses though because I’ve always preferred polarized lenses and @Lupetto was kind enough to...
  8. U

    Buying  Juliet TiO2

    Preferably with original vr28 lenses. Message me if you have a pair please!
  9. U

    Sold  Lot xx tio2, xx 24k, juliet 04 147

    For sale lot xx tio2, xx 24k, juliet 04 147 Xx tio2 serial XT 038870A Juliet sku 04 147 Xx 24k Not serial 1 box and coin (does not match) lenses in good condition, with some minor scratches. The frames are in good condition, with with normal details of use. (to see photos) Free shipping...
  10. SolarOracle

    Some of my favorite X-Metal

    Three of my favorite pieces in my collection! For me they are a staple for any X-Metal collection, I like the color combo. Custom XX TIO2 w/ 24k Custom Romeo 1 X-Metal w/ Violet Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ Emerald Ichiro
  11. U

    Sold  XX TiO2 w/Sapphire lens, and extras

    For sale, XX TiO2 in mint condition! Price is $550 shipped paypal F&F or you add fee, US only please. I will shipped USPS priority insured. SOLD The details: -TiO2 frame refinished by X-Man just last month (original finish was 24k) no serial on frame, frame was tuned up at same time so tighter...
  12. C

    UK new guy

    Hi, New member from the UK. Would appreciate any assistance or direction. Thanks for having me, Best regards, Carl.
  13. BHarry

    TiO2 excited!

    I've been looking for a TiO2 deal for a while and figured it would be a XX. I found a pair of serialized Juliet's on the Bay. Buy it now or watch it climb situation. Then waited over 2 weeks for them (from New Orleans)!?! Recently tuned nose, new rubber, need lenses. A few scuffs, but not...