1. Fernando

    Sold Romeo 1 Titanium w/ brown lenses 1st gen $600

    Hello OFamily for sale other awesome romeo this time 1st gen titanium frame with aftermarket essilon brown lenses, the lenses have very good quality, came with bag only, the frame don't have discoloration or scratchers, lenses are in very good condition don't have cracks, the rubbers still good...
  2. Lupetto

    Sold Tb1 titanium / carbon face

    For sale a very nice set time bomb 1. Asking 400$ plus shipping. Has all links (no pins) and rubber pads + metal case. The glass has very minor blemishes not deep or noticeable. Please send message with any questions. Thanks for checking. Replaced the capacitor so you can save on refurbish now...
  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    Finally something interesting...

    Guys, I had a very interesting phone call the other day. I think you're gonna like it. X-metals are coming back. For real. New designs and all Ti. Oakley had to invent a way to cast Ti in small pieces back when they first did them and it was real expensive. But now there's these 3D printers...
  4. toosteeley

    Buying IH Warrant

    Hi gang. I'm looking for an IH Warrant if anyone is willing to part with one. Must be complete and in good condition. I'm not looking for a deal. I know it's not easy to come by and I'm willing to pay top dollar for it.
  5. Gunn

    Sold Oakley PENNY Titanium w/ Ice Iridium, boxed, full set

    I decided to sell one of my Penny pairs from my display to raise funds for some other projects. Titanium Penny with Ice Iridium lenses serialized frame / number is matching with the box! pair unworn! including microfiber bag, spare nosebombs, papers, coin and box would rate it 9.9 / 10 asking...
  6. Elvin Foo

    For Sale New Oakley Romeo Gen 1 Titanium Gold Iridium

    Hello everyone, I have a pair of beautiful low serial Oakley Romeo Gen 1 Titanium with Gold Iridium sunglasses for sale. They are just used for display and I haven't even tried them on. They have no discoloration on the frame and no stress cracks on lenses. Rubbers are very good as well...
  7. Rotorhead

    Sold BNIB Monster Dog Bronze/Titanium Iridium

    For Sale is a pair of Monster Dog collectables. Price is a deal at $sold delivered US. Includes: SKU: 05-016 Frame: Bronze Lens: Titanium Iridium (etched) Icons: Silver Box, mf bag, papers all in near mint condition Thanks for looking!
  8. Rotorhead

    Trading closing and relisting

    For sale, all complete and mint, never worn. Bronze w/Titanium Iridium. $135 delivered US. PM if outside US. Thanks for looking.
  9. Rotorhead

    Sold Excellent Condition Chrome Badman - $67

    For sale is a pair of Badman with Titanium frame and Chrome Iridium Polarized Lens. The lens have very tiny scratches that do not effect vision and cannot be seen in the pictures. The frame is perfect, with no flaws. I am selling because I have began wearing 2 other models, and still have...
  10. G

    First romeo 1

    hello guys, today i bought this bad boy for only $$570, was it a good price for a romeo ? 2 gen with gold iridium lenses.. no serial number, i could say that the frame is like 90% and the lenses are 70%
  11. Jaytypes

    Traded Or for trade Titanium R1 mint condition with box

    I have for sale or trade a mint condition titanium R1 comes with box and a extra set of root beer nose bombs. The frame is in mint condition I don't see anything on it so I would give it a 8.5-9/10 Lenses are ok one has the usual spider crack but no real scratches the etched lens has a slight...
  12. Fernando

    Sold New Romeo 1 titanium w/ gold iridium "1st gen - low serial" + xtras #SOLD

    Hello all, I decide to put for sale one of my spare Romeo titanium is Brad new condition and perfect, don't have any defect or mark, came with coin, Xmetal case, mf-bag, metal card holder, Oakley types in metal and metal display one tier, see the pics Is in the first 1500 units of the production...
  13. WraithEye

    X-Metal vs. Carbon Fiber (c six)

    I was looking on EBay to find what was out there in the Oakley world. I came across a couple of C Six posts selling for $25,000 to $35,000. I'm a huge X-Metal fan and really don't see the carbon fiber being a stronger frame, especially since the hinges are still aluminum. What are your...
  14. Fernando

    Sold Half wire ti titanium w/ ice iridium SKU: 05-792 $140

    Hello all :) For sale this awesome and classic half wire for sale, is new only display in the tower, came complete but the box is far carbon combo, see the pics. SKU: 05-792 Condition: BNIB All Is 10/10 Price $140 Allin. #SOLD Paypal g&s, shipping with tracking number...
  15. Fernando

    Sold Romeo titanium w/ Black iridium aftermarket lenses "Need Love" #SOLD

    Hi o-family I recently bought this frame for a project, but in the end I will not perform and put on sale for the same price I paid, need upergasket And earshocks, the frame for the inside has some discoloration , but not seen when you wear them , the lenses are aftermarket and are in good...
  16. iamFLIP

    Sold Romeo 2.0 -- Carbon/bi and polished/ti

    I have here a pair of polished frame with Titanium lenses Romeo 2.0 The frame and rubbers are in excellent condition. The bridge is still tight. The lenses, however, have scratches (highlighted in the pictures) that may or may not affect your vision. Sunglasses and mf bag only. $OLD via USPS...
  17. 702baby

    Traded White Dial Hollow Point FOR Blue Dial Double Tap Plus Cash OR FOR SALE $890

    Looking to trade a white dial Hollow Point. Watch is in excellent condition, with no scratches on the crystal, very minimal marks on the band and clasp, and some scratches on the rear casing. No links have been removed. Comes complete with all 3 boxes and this has the more desirable wooden box...
  18. The_Darkone

    Sold BNIB Holiday Titanium Killswitch Watch

    selling a BNIB titanium killswitch watch for $475 USD G&S shipped CONUS. Never worn just sat in the box as a spare to my other one. Will post pictures when I get home this evening, although I'm sure everyone knows what they look like ;)
  19. Jacob Carstens

    For Sale Minute Machine - Titanium/silver w/brown leather - USED

    Hi forum members, SOLD... I'm selling a used Minute Machine watch SKU # 10-192 Titanium/Silver with brown leather strap. WATCH IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL AS IS - no battery change required. Watch does have signs of wear - surface scratches on the case can supposedly be polished with fine steel wool...
  20. BHarry

    Been busy...

    I went on somewhat of a buying spree recently. There are many good reasons to get a new pair of glasses. "I have been looking for these for ever" "but it was such a good deal" Or the combo… "How can I pass on that deal, I have been looking for those forever" I had my share of all of those...
  21. The_Darkone

    Sold BNIB Black Face MM(Minute Machine)

    I am selling a BNIB and still in all the plastic Black Face MM for $850 USD G&S Shipped CONUS. There are obviously no scratches, dents, dings, bumps, bruises, etc. as it has never left the warmth of the nest :) No International shipping at this time because of weight and value of item. Not...
  22. Jacob Carstens

    Plate score....

    Bought these babies very spontaneous at 3 am, coming home from a serious Tequila bender. For a week I feared that I'd seriously overspend. Though the listing said 'like new', there was no signs of anything but the shades. And I was way to shitfaced to think about asking and just pulled the...
  23. Fernando

    Sold Oakley Penny tiranium w/ ice iridium SKU: 04-130 #SOLD

    Hi all For sale Penny ti/ice.... The lenses have many brands use, but can still be used i recomend change, the frame and rubbers is used but in perfect condition without bumps or scratches. SKU: 04-130 Condition: USED Serial PI036583 Frame 9/10 Lenses 3.5/10 Rubbers 9/10...
  24. Fernando

    Sold WTS Juliet ti/Gold 1st gen need love #SOLD

    Hi o-family a friend want sell his Juliet ti/Gold frame, 1st gen, The frame does not have bumps but have discoloration on some parts, The discoloration Is normal in frames OF This gen, the rubbers are used but in good condition, the lenses have signs of use but nothing to disturb the vision, The...
  25. Hellmut77

    Sold 1st gen Juliet (Bone) Plasma Ice Mint/ 3rd gen Juliet - price dropped again

    2. 1st gen Juliet Plamsa Ice - serialized Looks and feels like brand new . This is one of the early versions , with that rough "bone " plasma finish . It's in mint condition and comes complete with correct box, coin, papers and micro bag. Frame 9/10 its perfect not a mark Bridge 9/10 tight...
  26. Dennis Panlilio

    Reviving the True X-Metal Line with new 3D Printing Technology

    3D Printing has advanced significantly over the past years and has influenced the design process and the ease of manufacturing parts for industrial applications. With this in mind...Oakley can actually revive the manufacturing of X-Metal frames without having to revert to their old manufacturing...
  27. Jagamov

    New 12 Gauge

    Just picked up my new titanium 12 Gauge. Another really nice watch. Was really happy to have been able to get one. The vault manager did an awesome job of tracking one down. 50% off was nice too. Quick question...I didn't get an owners manual. Anywhere I can get one or can someone tell...
  28. The_Darkone

    Sold BNIB Ti Brushed / Black Carbon Dial Gearbox

    Second watch I am posting from the Scratch/Reveal event. Again I got a 50% so I picked up a few watches. The price is $497 plus shipping CONUS only. The price includes watch, state tax, and PayPal G&S fees. No Trades accepted and price isn't negotiable as I will just return to Oakley. Again...
  29. The_Darkone

    Filled my Gearbox

    My newest edition is on the right "Expedient"
  30. Fernando

    Sold Penny titanium w/ ice Iridium " SOLD "

    Hello to all, this morning I had a visit from a good friend and has brought me their penny, he wants to put them on sale in the forum and are here. The glasses are in good condition, with little used, the lenses have small marks of use but nothing major and especially not affect vision, rubbers...