1. aaron.schies

    SI Ballistic M Frame Alpha Goggle x Team Wendy Exfil

    Figured I post these bad boys up. Here I have it in the black frame with TR45 lenses. This is my airsoft/milsim helmet kit. Got them a while back on tactical gear dot com and at the time were running a deal when you buy any Oakley product, you recieved a free Oakley tin mug. Who else runs...
  2. Miren Baines

    Oakley SI Radar Range Prizim TR45

    I had actually gotten the pair last week and have been testing them out in low light conditions. I also had recently gotten the Oakley Ballistic Det Cord TR22 Prizim. I have yet to use these in a range situation but I can report that at night, at least in well lit instances such as urban...
  3. M

    TR45 Juliet

    So what do you all think. I think it came out pretty good.
  4. M

    Oakley Prizm TR22 vs TR45 availability

    I'm looking for the Oakley Prizm TR22 in Australia for shooting but am having trouble finding them. I have found the other Prizm lenses (eg Trail, etc), but not the TR22. Are they available in Australia and who sells them? If not, where can I import them from?