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    Sold  Whats it going to take to make a deal?

    HOW MUCH CASH WOULD I NEED TO ADD TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN??? What up guys, and gals! I've been kicking around wanting to trade my Juliet's for a min now, and I've decided to see if there's any interest, but if not then that'll be ok too 😁 What I offering Is my custom ti02 themed Juliet's, that...
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    Sold  Oakley Store Robot

    425.00 shipped Or trade for a penny in wearable good condition with lenses and tight nose bridge Store #1 would be the Irvine CA store
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    Trading  My Frogskins 35th LE, Gold and black (not serialized) for Frogskins Kokoro

    *** Read carefully*** I want to trade (or maybe sell) my 35th limited edition gold and black NOT SERIALIZED Frogskins, brand new in the box with stickers. For a pair of kokoro, in perfect or near perfect condition. Or if you have somethings nice. Maybe 35th clear front with violet prizm...
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    Trading  or FS: WHY 8 frame with poor lenses

    I'm the original owner of this WHY 8 frame, not 8.1. I purchased brand new ~12-15 years ago. I'm making this frame available to someone who may need it or want it. Perhaps as a donor, for spare parts or desiring to rebuild it. Ideally, I trade it for something I can use, or make me a cash...
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    Sold  Fragment Frogskin Lite (Perfect Condition)

    Hey everyone! I have a pair of Fragment Frogskin Lites, polished black with dark grey lenses! I never wore them so they are in perfect condition! I did get rid of the box but I’ll throw in an eyewear stand with the glasses as well for whoever wants it! Looking for $600 OBO! DM me if you’re...
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    Sold  Limited Edition Fragment Frogskin Lite

    Hey Everyone! I’m looking to sell my fragment frogskin lites from 2018! Never wore them, they are in perfect condition!! I don’t have the box unfortunately but I will throw in a glasses stand in case anyone wants it. I’m open to trades as well, just DM me if interested! Price: $150 OBO
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    Trading  OCP Radar EV Polarized!

    Looking to trade or possibly sell. Mainly want a straight up trade. OCP Radar EV: New condition; Polished Black, Red Icon, Red Socks, Chrome Iridium Polar Pitch Lens. Looking for: Other Radar EV, Jawbreakers, Flight Jackets, M2’s. New condition preferred.
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    Traded  BNWT Icon belt bag dark brush

    Hello OFamily I have this new icon belt bag with out defects and with tags I have 3 now and want trade one, dark brush color... pm with your offers, thanks to all ;)
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    Trading  Monsterdog for Two Hollowpoint links

    Listing my Crystal Black Monsterdog w/Black Iridium lens and silver icons in hopes to find one medium size link and one small link for my Hollowpoint. The glasses are used but in overall good shape. Just a few light scratches in the lenses. Frames do show a bit of wear, but aren’t bad. Oakley...
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    Trading  (EU only) I have two mars for trade - looking for R1 Plasma or Penny Copper with machting box

    Hi guys; I have two mars frames in my collection which I am looking to trade for all OEM R1 Plasma Fire or Penny Copper with box as I am still missing those. I would take two penny frame with box in trade also (only the hinges have to be OK, nosebridge tuneup would be no problem)... The Mars...
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    Traded  My Penny for your xx x-squared

    Traded This is a good custom project or daily wearer. Needs a nose bridge tune up but to me it is usable. Has new custom cut Prizm daily from chris a hardaway and new small nose pieces. Pm me with what you got.
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    Trading  Chainlink lenses for polished Root beer Chainlink frames

    I have a high prescription that Oakley cannot fill, so I have a few sets of Chainlink lenses I'd like to trade, or work out some type of partial trade deal on for a complete polished Rootbeer frame. I've got a set of Ice Iridium lenses, a set of Grey polarized, a set of Jade Iridium, and a set...
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    Trading  Many rare frogs in hopes of trading for other rare frogs UPDATED 6_14_17

    UPDATED LIST: BOLD ITALICS HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED OR TRADED Hey everyone, I am doing this in hopes of prying some of those rare frogs out of the awesome collections out there to replace with other rare frogs. See below for some of my options and the rare frogs I would like to acquire. I am not...
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    Trading  Your MM polished blue, Time bomb 1 or 2 for any of my stuff

    hello all I'm looking for a time bomb 1 and time bomb 2 any sku, and minute machine polished blue face sku: 26-328, I have many stuff for trade, glasses included x-metals, displays, and more, pm with what you have, and we can see if can make a deal. Thanks for look.
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    Trading  Seeking Tungsten Iridum lenses for Holbrook

    Looking for these lenses to put into my Kostons. They came with Sgh exclusive 0091032-A3. Would also take dark bronze as well. I have bronze polarized to trade otherwise I'd be okay to by outright if the price is fair. Thanks
  16. OakleyLewis74

    A off topic question about trading on this site

    Hello, I am a newer member but also excited to be here and be able to discuss Oakley with all of you. In a weekish Ill get to trade and exchange and sell on this website as well which I find an awesome way to spread the Oakley love through the community. My question is what is the trading...
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    Buying  or trade: Suede straight jacket

    Hey o-community, I'd just like to wish you all a great mlk day! Enjoy your day off tomorrow (you earned it)! Getting down to business, I'd like to know if anyone has a suede straight jacket in good condition that they wouldn't mind parting with? I've got some shades, and some money, so I hope...
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    Trading  X Squared Polarized for Mars

    I have a polarized dark carbon x squared that I am looking to trade for a pair of mars, preferably polarized but not needed. Please PM me with offers. I will upload some photos shortly.
  19. U

    Trading  X Square, Ferrari Badman, and other possibilities for Pitboss 1

    Hi there! I have a few pairs of glasses that I am looking to trade away because I never wear them and I am looking to get a pair of Pitboss, looking for pretty much all colors but would love to have the Polished black with the VR28 Black Iridium Polarized. Doesn't have to be new in box, just has...
  20. Pospaintballer

    Unbelievable trades and deals

    whats the best deal and or trades that you've made? Today I traded a pair of Oakley Valve gen1 for a pair of gen1 Juliets.
  21. Sir Rossi

    Proper Trading Etiquette

    Hey guys. I couldn't for the life of me decide what section to put this under, but I think it would be beneficial to me and many other new members. Could someone explain to me how trading works? is it straight up mail? or is it something like both people throw an ad on ebay at a set price at...
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    Trading  I need Suede Straight Jackets!!

    Hey guys, its your pal, Sir Rossi. I am incredibly new to this forum, after having been on o-review for a while. (big forums are scary:unsure:) Anyway, I've been searching tirelessly for suede straight jackets, and so far, the only person who has them does not want to part with them (completely...
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    Trading  WTT: Eric Koston Holbrooks for Fall Out Brown Tort Holbrook

    Koston Holbrooks up for trade. Very good condition. Has some minor wear on the stems but nothing else really. Will post pics as soon as I return home. Comes with original box but can't find the microfiber bag so it will come with a regular black one. Looking to trade for the brown tort variant...
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    Trading  My serialized x metal/black irid juliet for x metal/ruby juliet 24-125 juliet (non seri

    Id like to trade my serialized J024xxx juliet in x-metal/black iridium for a x-metal/ruby iridium juliet The juliet is overall 9/10 condition. original Frame finish is 9/10 original earsock and nosepads like new Nose bridge is 9 or even 10/10. original lenses are 9/10 (one small hairline...
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    Trading  Looking For Holiday Carabiner

    Looking for a holiday carbon fiber carabiner. Must be complete with the outer and inner box, coin, and authenticity card. Don't care what number it is, that's irrelevant to me. Got these pairs for trade, note though I'm not trading all of these, just to give you an idea of what I have. PM if...