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    Sold  3D Gascans

    Selling all my 3D Gascans. All are in near mint condition. Lens 9.5 / 10 and frame 9.5 / 10. All comes with box and bag. The Hobbit one will include the pin as well. Prices are as follows: Hobbit: + pin: $90 SOLD Tintin: $80SOLD Transformers: $210SOLD Tron: SOLD If someone wants to buy them...
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    Deal  TF 3D Gascan

    Deal thread between myself and @Dbninc
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    Sold  BNIB Gascan Transformers Matte Black HDO 3D

    Hi fellow O enthusiasts, I’m helping a friend sell his BNIB Transformers Gascans. He is looking at $OLD each. Interested parties please pm me. Thanks for looking.
  4. The_Darkone

    Who saw Transformers: The Last Knight tonight?

    I did :cool:
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    Sold  Transformers 3D Gascans

    Up for sale is a set of Transformers 3D Gascan. These currently have a set of Ice Iridium lenses in them and will include the set of original 3D lenses as well. I have worn these less than handful of times and they show no sign of wear. Both sets of lenses are scratch free. They will come with...