transition lenses

  1. U

    Buying  Desperately Seeking Oakley Split Jackets w/silver ghost text

    Greetings Oakley brothers and sisters! I am currently deployed in the Middle East. On my way over, I left my most favorite pair of shades on the plane. I’ve deployed 4 times and I always wore the same pair. This deployment was not going to be any different until I lost them. The sun and...
  2. U

    Sold  or TRADE: Split Jacket Photochromatic lenses

    Clear to Black Photochromatic Transitions Lenses only. Got these with a frame and not my speed. Perfect donor for most X-Metals. 9/10 condition only because they have been mounted. There is a tiny dot in the center right lens that I barely got the camera to pick up. Doesn't affect vision and I...
  3. randsome01

    Just got a pair of Half Jackets 1.0 with transition lenses.

    I just got a pair of the original Half Jackets. I own a pair of the Half Jacket 2.0's Infinite Heroes but they don't seem to fit my face as well. I was hoping the original Half Jackets would fit better and they do! Now I just need a few sets of lenses. It came with transition lenses. I think the...