1. Overkill

    Has anyone else had highly mirrored photochromic lenses made?

    A few years ago Zach at Fuse made me a set of rx photochromics with the same mirroring that sun lenses get. Here is a pic of them light: and here they are dark: They have been super useful for me because I travel without a car or bag a lot and for me carrying xmetals in a case in my pockets...
  2. S

    Oakley clear frames with transitions

    Hi, I just bought the Centerboard clear plastic eyeglasses as I now need progressives for reading. However, I am a mail lady and am used to always wearing polarized sunglasses out of the office. When I chose the glasses at the local eyeglass store, it was a real mess as the lady did not know...
  3. U

    Traded  Traded

    Hey all, selling the last bit of the pairs I'll never wear. All are new without box unless stated. +$10 for shipping and all prices are OBO. I have a few random boxes and will ship them with whichever pairs don't have a box, first come. PM me for more pictures if needed. 1) Tincan Gold/Warm...
  4. U

    For Sale  Oakley Split Jacket Rare Replacement Lenses

    Hi O Bros, I have here a brand new out of the box Split Jacket replacement lenses for sale. I know this lenses are hard to come by since it has been discontinued. It's a clear to black Transitions lenses. Lenses conditions is 100%. Asking price is US$100 all in postage by Registered mail...
  5. U

    For Sale  Ghost Text Split Jacket w/ Transitions Clear-to-Black lens 175$

    new, with black microbag only, asking 175 USD price (negotiable) includes shipment, payment as PayPal Family&Friends