trenchcoat snow jungle

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    For Sale  Trenchcoats. Snow camo + jungle.

    Both sets are in great shape. The snows lenses have few small superficial scratches nothing big. The Jungle has new gold lenses from Fuse that look very close to original imo. Neither frames have and damage or feel brittle! Asking 350for snow and 300$ for jungle.pst if you want to do a bundle...
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    Sold  25year vintage trenchcoats! Two camos

    Snow camo sold . Selling jungle camo trenchcoat. Plastic isn't brittle at all so can be used and enjoyed!! Rare chance!! Price is firm 200$ for jungle camo including shipping. Thanks for checking my add and please reply via messages as I would rather keep the post open! Looking for Prs SE...
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    Sold  Trenchcoats - Camo & Snow Jungle.

    Hi Guys, Decided to sell this awesome couple of Trenchcoats. Frames and rubbers on both are in good condition and make great display pairs.. Lenses have signs of wear and some delamination. Camo lenses are still wearable as issues are mainly peripheral 7/10. Snow Jungle lenses have more...
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    Sold  Trenchcoat snow jungle (complete)

    Looking to sale a fantastic piece. Trenchcoat snow camo with black iridium lens. It’s complete with all original papers box and microfiber bag. Frame is near mint as are the rubbers ( not sticky at all ) frame is very tight and feels new ( still tight when opening ). Lenses show age but still...