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    Sold Trenchcoats

    I have these trenchcoats for sale. Include shipping continental US PM me if interested. FMJ. 9/10 $240 Jungle camo 9/10 $240 Snow camo broken temple good stems and rubber. $60 Blood stems new $ 70 Will add pictures when I get home from work.
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    Sold Trenchcoat snow jungle (complete)

    Looking to sale a fantastic piece. Trenchcoat snow camo with black iridium lens. It’s complete with all original papers box and microfiber bag. Frame is near mint as are the rubbers ( not sticky at all ) frame is very tight and feels new ( still tight when opening ). Lenses show age but still...
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    Trading Near-mint Pearl Oakley Trenchcoat for trade or sale

    Hey guys. I'd prefer to trade, but open to selling as well. Will be shipped carefully in triple-walled box. Near-mint condition Pearl Oakley Trenchcoat. Worn only a few times. Link to O-Review. Photos below. If you want a better/close-up photo of something, just ask. * Frame ... 9+ *...
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    Sold Trenchcoat Pearl w/ Black Iridium

    Hello All, for sale other one old school frame in mint condition, trenchcoat pearl with black Iridium lenses, I put only one or two times, don’t have scrachers frame or lenses, all is like the first day, came with bag only, very dificult to find in this days.. get the mythical trenchcoat, Oakley...
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    For Sale Trenchcoat camo/gold w/box

    Rare opportunity to get a camo trenchcoat with original box! Frame is in amazing shape 9/10. Rubber are still very good 8/10. lenses show sign of age and heat damage 5/10 ( still wearable). 230$ ( traded )all inclusive of worldwide shipping. Thanks for checking and pm with any questions, thanks!
  6. U

    Sold Oakley Trenchcoat Blood red w/ Black iridium

    The frame has no scratch, rubber is not sticky in very good condition. Frame: Blood red color Lenses: Black Iridium (Lenses need to be replaced, IMO) Box & paper for a combo set (from another frame finish). 120$ 95$ OBO shipped, PayPal G&S. all in, except the glorifier. Thank you
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    For Sale Trenchcoat

    Trenchcoat with box. Lenses scratched need to be replaced. This pair is looking for its new home in a Oakley double wide tower. Asking $270 OBO If you think the price is to high. Good luck finding a trenchcoat with the original box. This is the first one i have ever seen. and its pretty cool...
  8. Brettc10

    Real vs. Fake Oakley Trenchcoat?

    I think this is a Trenchcoat but is it real? I know the arm rubbers were big on the end. Plus from other pictures of Trenchcoat's it looks like the end of the arms are larger on real ones. Never had a pair or seen a pair in person so I wanted to ask someone that has some. Thanks
  9. U

    For Sale A few old ones.

  10. Bimbili

    Trenchcoat Frame repair?!?

    Hi, I wonder if i can repair my Trenchcoat frame. See my profile picture. The frame is broken and i don't know if it can be done with glue or others. Thanks for your comments and experiences in such a case. Thanks in advance.
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    For Sale Trenchcoat camo

    hey everyone, I sell trenchcoat snow camo mount is clean, the lenses are a little worn, but no box microfibre price 280usd shipped (friend/familly ) + tracking number (possibility of an exchange of same value) let me know