tribal monsterdog

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    Sold  Lot Monster Dog Tribal, Bronw Fade, Night Camo, Tortoise

    Lot Monster Dog Tribal framework in good condition. Loss of light paint in some areas. Bronw Fade frame in good condition, paint in good condition with some slight delaminations in the stems. Lenses with some scratches 7/10 Bronw Tortoise frame in excellent condition. Lenses with some slight...
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    Sold  Like new Monster Dog Tribal / Slate Iridum

    Hello Of for sale one of the best monster dog, the monster dog Tribal with Slate Iridum lenses, is in like new condition, all is perfect input 9,9/10 but all is 10, don’t have scratchers or marks, camewith the mf-bag only don’t have the box, very difficult to get this sku and more in this...
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    For Sale  Tribal Monsterdog (rare)

    This is your chance to own one of the rarest of monsterdogs the tribal ! SOLD plus shipping (20$ worldwide) Frame is in great condition with minor flaws 9/10. Lenses have light marks 8/10. Includes glasses and mf bag only. Message me with any questions. Thanks for checking!