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    Sold Pit Boss 1 Tron, Rootbeer, Matte Black

    It was fun collecting these, but my priorities have changed as I have a baby on the way. Just can’t justify holding on to these as I don’t wear them. Prices are PayPal G&S, Shipped USPS Priority, CONUS. PM me for international shipping and we’ll see if we can work something out. Not looking...
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    Sold Pit Boss 1 Tron 24-204 Glasses Only **SOLD**

    Hello all! Looking to make my first sale on the Forum. I bought this as Glasses Only, no Tron microfiber bag or Tron Elite wooden Box. I recently found a complete set so I’ve decided to let this go. I’m not confident in rating but I’ll do my best to describe their condition. The right lens has...
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    Sold LNIB Tron Pitboss

    I have a like new Tron pitboss I'm looking to sell, I had a trade in place but haven't heard back from the guy that I was suppose to trade with, if I hear back from him before it's sold I'll close this. But for now I'm putting it up for sale. So basically BNIB but I wore it one time so LNIB...