tron pitboss

  1. U

    For Sale  Pit boss tron NIB

    Selling this holy grail, Pit Boss Tron edition. Sunglasses and box are mint (to me). Please take a good look at the pictures to be sure on the condition. I couldn't find any defect. Asking $1150 shipped worldwide.
  2. A

    Oakley Tron Legacy Backpack Value

    Greeting all I was given this bag by a friend to sell, according to him it's limited edition and he doesn't use it and can use the money Can someone please give me a ballpark of the value ? I don't want to undervalue his item I will post it in my group and on ebay when I sort out the value...
  3. U

    Sold  LNIB Tron Pitboss

    I have a like new Tron pitboss I'm looking to sell, I had a trade in place but haven't heard back from the guy that I was suppose to trade with, if I hear back from him before it's sold I'll close this. But for now I'm putting it up for sale. So basically BNIB but I wore it one time so LNIB...
  4. U

    Sold  Or FS LNIB Tron Pitboss for a complete Plasma XX

    It's pending trade as of now So I was packing up my Tron's to get them sent out to @Chris A Hardaway to get some ice lenses cut for them and the wife says to me " I really don't like those on you! I like the other two you have, these are too big!!" :( Which happen to be my Plasma XX and R1's...
  5. Mark Southwell

    Good Day on the Bay

    Had a great day on the Bay today, snagged a cool display piece, 3 double x-metal stands, Juliet Plasma, Hijinx Propaganda (were listed as "Men's Oakley Limited Edition White Sunglasses") and Tron Pitboss all for below what I would consider fair value
  6. U

    For Sale  Pit Boss TRON - 800$

    Hi guys, I'm finally selling the PB i bought here on november 11, more than 1100$US ! Condition : Never worn, just displayed. Lens : 10/10. Frame : 9.5/10 ( last picture, unnoticeable hairline mark of 0.25 centimeters ) Hard case : 9.5/10 ( storage ) Box : 9.75/10 Price : 800$US PayPal G&S...
  7. Noak

    I never thought I would like this ... and best yet buy it and LOVING it!

    I have been a X-Metal guy, so Juliets, Romeos and Mars Craters (not Mars though) definitely pique my interests. I do have a few older O-Matters, Zero 0.4, old Twenty and Jawbones but I could not muster enough interest to grab more. However, having read through the forum extensively for the past...