troy lee gascan

  1. JC1966

    Signature series Gascan

    I have a pair of the Troy Lee signature Gascan "Phobias", was wondering if any, all some, or none of the signature series have interchangeable lenses. I have not really tried to remove them as they dont really look like they ome out and I didnt want to break anything...was wondering if anyone...
  2. U

    Sold Troy Lee Gascan Pol. Blk w/ Black Iridium - LNIB

    Hi all, This is a complete set, un-used, LNIB. Limited to 5.000 pair worldwide? and this is one of those ;) All shown in photos are included: sunglasses, mf bag, troy lee paper, warranty... box in good shape. 230$ OBO PayPal G&S, EMS shipping included. Thank you for looking.