troy lee phobia gascan

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    For Sale  TLD Phobia Gascans Full Set

    Hi there O-Fans I've decided to make the big step and aim for some sleek looking X-Metals and to reach those I'm offering these Troy Lee Design's Phobia Gascans. Easily the coolest looking Gascan out there for me. They have some small dots on the lenses and a little scratch on the nosebridge...
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    For Sale  Gascan David Flores, Troy Lee Phobia, C100, Transformers, Soviet, Flying Tigers & London Police

    Hi, fellow O enthusiasts, I have the following pairs for your consideration: New Artist Series David Flores Blue Gascan with Grey Lenses (Serial No.:0042) Frame: Mint & couldn’t spot anything but will rate it 9.8 to be safe Lenses: Mint & couldn’t spot anything but will rate it 9.8...