turbine rotors

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    Sold Bundle Deal (8 pairs)

    Selling a total of 7 pairs; 5 pairs are Non-Polarized and 2 pairs are Polarized. All with come with microfiber bag. $400 shipped. Anorak - Polished Black with Prizm Grey Forager - Matte Black with Prizm Violet Gibston - Olive Ink with Prizm Tungsten Frogskins Mix - Matte Black with Prizm...
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    Turbine or Jawbreaker

    I have jawbreakers. It fits my face perfectly. I am also looking for turbine. New sapphire fade turbine. Is the size of turbine comparable to jawbreaker? is turbine a little bit on the bigger side? What about turbine rotors? is the wrap of turbine rotors similar to jawbreaker or slightly less...
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    Turbine rotor

    I want to buy a pair turbine rotor. Really like the shield lens.. One thing i really want to know about the wrap of turbine rotors.. Is it same as radars or different? is it similar to turbines? how's the fit of turbine rotors?