turbine rotors

  1. LambertDad1976

    Positive red

    I haven’t seen them on o review, but does anyone know if Oakley ever made positive red lenses for the Turbine, rotor, fuel cell or bat wolf? The closest I’ve seen are new valves and Holbrook, both of which I have but would really love them for the rotors!
  2. U

    Sold  Bundle Deal (8 pairs)

    Selling a total of 7 pairs; 5 pairs are Non-Polarized and 2 pairs are Polarized. All with come with microfiber bag. $400 shipped. Anorak - Polished Black with Prizm Grey Forager - Matte Black with Prizm Violet Gibston - Olive Ink with Prizm Tungsten Frogskins Mix - Matte Black with Prizm...
  3. S

    Turbine or Jawbreaker

    I have jawbreakers. It fits my face perfectly. I am also looking for turbine. New sapphire fade turbine. Is the size of turbine comparable to jawbreaker? is turbine a little bit on the bigger side? What about turbine rotors? is the wrap of turbine rotors similar to jawbreaker or slightly less...
  4. S

    Turbine rotor

    I want to buy a pair turbine rotor. Really like the shield lens.. One thing i really want to know about the wrap of turbine rotors.. Is it same as radars or different? is it similar to turbines? how's the fit of turbine rotors?