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    Sold  Turbines - Polished Black, Prizm Snow Black Lenses

    Hey all, Have a brand new in box pair of Turbines with Prizm Snow Black lenses. These lenses are super awesome, they have a chrome iridium finish but have a rosey hue when looking through. They have a 5.5% light transmission rate which is makes them pretty dark. If you do a lot of skiing or...
  2. U

    For Sale  Turbine (square O) gray smoke jade iridium polarized

    9263-09 Only worn a few times. I'm sure a square o turbine is on somebody's list of wants & this one is very nice. $200 shipped OBO Possibly also trade as a partial deal for a carbon shift, Jawbone or jawbreaker parts/lenses. Or I'd add $ towards a PB1 trade.
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    Sold  Turbine Lenses - Prizm Tungsten Polarized

    Have a pair of brand new Turbine prizm tungsten polarized lenses... Asking $30, shipped in CONUS.
  4. U

    For Sale  Radarlock Path, Turbine Lenses

    Selling some extra lenses that don't get any use... Radarlock Path: Ruby Iridium Polarized, 9/10, One tiny mark on the lens which could not be photographed but I wanted to make sure I was upfront about it. It's at the bottom of the lens. It's a pinhead sized nick in the iridium which does...
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    Sold  Turbine Ruby Fade

    Turbine Ruby Fade Collection with Prizm Ruby Lenses. Very Good condition No scratches. 95 shipped
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    Sold  EU sunglass sale - worldwide shipping

    Quick Sale. All pairs new, unused, 100% authentic and coming with the microclear bag only, 65 USD each, add 10$ flatrate for worldwide shipping (I'm shipping from Germany), PayPal G&S, more pairs coming soon when these are sold 1. SLIVER Polished Clear Prizm Sapphire 2. FROGSKINS Polished Clear...
  7. U

    For Sale  Turbine Prizm Daily Polarized

    All, I have two items I'd like to move... 1. Turbine, Polished Black w/ Prizm Daily Polarized - Pair is practically brand new, wore a handful of times but mostly sat in my case. Lenses are 10/10, Frame is 9/10 only because its polished so there are minor cleaning marks. Ear stems are 10/10...
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    For Sale  Thinning the Herd - Batwolf, Turbine, Style Switch, Holbrook

    Hey guys! It's time for me to thin out the collection a little bit more so I've got a few pairs up for sale. Turbine MotoGP 9263-15 - Matte Black with Jade Iridium Lens: $100 LNIB - Tried on and displayed only. Batwolf - Matte Black (9101-11) with VR28 Black Iridium Polarized Lens, Metallic...
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    Sold  Turbine - $OLD

    Turbine - Matte Black / Prizm Tungsten Polarized - OO9263-4063 These are more of a beater, regarding overall condition. It's hard to explain the blemishes to the lenses, as outside of the bottom FOV photo showing them against the sunlight the majority of the blemish marks won't show up for me on...
  10. karimo

    Fixing my Turine

    Does anyone know how to remove the side rubbers from the arms of a pair of turbine? It does not look right anymore since I used to ride my bike, the helmet was to tight on the sides and the rubbers finally got worn/streched. I want to remove it and reinstall it, maybe that will fix the problem.
  11. U

    Sold  Christmas Sale ( Plate, Wiretap, Lenses, etc) Final price cut

    Consolidating an old thread. PM for any additional info. All glasses come with standard MF bag. No box or coins. All frames have original OEM lenses. No holds, first one who pays gets it. Free shipping CONUS Internation shipping extra. Beater Plate Minus lenses Asking SOLD Wiretap Frame 8...
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    Buying  NIB Matte Black Turbine with Polarized lenses

    Morning, Looking for these at a good deal for a friend. If someone has a pair they can let go, please PM me. Thanks in advance
  13. U

    Buying  Beater Plates

    looking for beater Plates to customize.
  14. D

    Got my First Turbine

    Hello Everybody! I got my first Turbine after my 3y/o Holbrook was accidentally crushed in my workplace and I am thinking to buy a case for it. Will the square O case can accomodate the Turbine? Or should I just go with the metal vault or the carbon fiber case. Really need your inputs. Thank you
  15. S

    Turbine or Double Edge

    I want to buy a pair of Double Edge in Prizm Deep Water lens.. i also have a pair of ruby fade turbine which fits me perfectly.. So i want to know is double edge bigger than turbine or both are quite similar in size?
  16. U

    Sold  Oakley Plate near mint

    I have an Oakley Plate that’s silver in color. They are in near perfect condition, only problem is about a pin size scratch on the bridge. Everything else is in great shape. No box.$300
  17. S

    Turbine or Jawbreaker

    I have jawbreakers. It fits my face perfectly. I am also looking for turbine. New sapphire fade turbine. Is the size of turbine comparable to jawbreaker? is turbine a little bit on the bigger side? What about turbine rotors? is the wrap of turbine rotors similar to jawbreaker or slightly less...
  18. S

    Turbine rotor

    I want to buy a pair turbine rotor. Really like the shield lens.. One thing i really want to know about the wrap of turbine rotors.. Is it same as radars or different? is it similar to turbines? how's the fit of turbine rotors?
  19. S

    Turbine or sliver s

    I really like the new prizm ruby lens..it's nice and vibrant.. Very consistent color..but can't decide which pair to get.. Turbine or sliver xl. I never had those frames... So i don't know anything about their fit or wrap...
  20. S

    Turbine or Straightlink - which has more wrap

    Turbine or Straightlink which has more wrap? I know that straightlink has 8.75 base curve.similar to flak 2.0 but it is a small frame ..while turbine is pretty big.. but i don't know it's base curve.
  21. U

    Sold  Canadian Olympic Committee OAKLEY TURBINE OO9263-23 BNIB

    Hello Oakley-family, up for sale is a brand new in box Oakley Turbine Canada Olympic Team Limited Edition . . . SKU# OO 9263-23 with PRIZM DAILY POLARIZED LENS. what you see is what you get - pin / special micro bag / box and glasses ;) asking - US $ 189.oo with international, trackable &...
  22. P

    New Oakley Turbine Sunglasses

    Hi Been reading the forum for a while and been into Oakley for a good 16 years, but only just got my first pair! Seems like a great community, so hi all Got a pair of Turbine Sapphire Fades: Oakley Turbine PRIZM Polarized Sapphire Fade Collection in Sapphire Fade / Prizm Sapphire Polarized...
  23. Professor Oak

    Goodbye Ferrari Collection, Hello BMW.

    As some of you may already know, Luxottica has ripped the Ferrari contract away from Oakley to give it to Ray Ban.:headbang:So if there were any Ferrari Edition Oakley's you wanted to get your hands on, you might want to get them soon. Personally I was a big fan of the Ferrari Collection as I am...
  24. BHarry

    Oh Canada...

    I found a pair of Team Canada Turbines. I hadn't seen these before and still didn't have a pair with Prizm Daily lenses, so I couldn't pass them up. These are pretty cool themselves, but the bag and pin make them even better!
  25. U

    Traded  Turbine for trade!

    Polished white frame, fire iridium lenses, polished chrome O's and black ear socks. Great condition! Only worn twice. Purchased from a local Sunglass Hut sale. They did not have the original box or micro bag. I will include a black micro bag with them though. Looking to trade for ep/ep2...
  26. Amak.2DK

    X Metal Adventure - Update

    Hey Everyone, Here's my story of X Metal came to be... Back in December, Thailand held a Bike for Dad which is to celebrate the King of Thailand Birthday. My wife and I decided to attend the event and realized we barely have decent pairs of sunglasses. So the day before, I explain how...
  27. U

    Buying  Team USA turbines

    lookin for a pair for a buddy. Was hoping to not pay full retail but open to whatever opportunities arise. Also have some descent frames (all o matter) to trade if willing. Thanks in advance.
  28. Timberwolf

    TB BIP

    Oakley shop send me the message that today is the lastday for 20% off!! Don't know what to do :( . So, get another one! Turbine BIP!
  29. Shade Station

    New Collection now available at Shade Station!

    Hi everyone, The new collection of Oakley sunglasses are now available at http://www.shadestation.co.uk/Oakley-Sunglasses.html. This includes EVZero, Latch SQ, Turbine Rotor, Sliver XL and Sliver R. Here a few campaigns of the new models you may be interested in: Latch SQ...
  30. Timberwolf

    Custom Oakley

    Hi everyone I am a very new oakley beginner and looking to add Turbine Sapphire iridium in to my collection, however , it's not has a polarize version of Sapphire iridium for Turbine in normal line production. If it possible to order Custom and Are they ship to Thailand? Please help...