twenty xx

  1. U

    Sold  Xx Midnight (Frame)

    Xx Midnight Frame in very good condition. icons are rusty. a set of nosepad is included (new) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible Price $ 45 Free shipping to USA Pay with Paypal
  2. Maveryq13

    Custom Display

    I wasn't happy with the available Oakley displays from stores, so I built this for about $75. I wanted something nice and stylish in the home for my X collection.
  3. U

    Looking for Replacement Earsocks for Oakley Twenty (00-9157)

    Hi Folks, I am looking for replacement ear shocks for my 2012 purchased Oakley Twenty sunglasses. Mine have gotten a bit beaten up. I don't care what colour they'd be.... BTW...I will add that they are white 9157-05 with polarised red iridium lenses. I put prescription lenses in them but...
  4. U

    Buying  NSJ & Xx (2000) Ice irdium lens

    lookin to buy ice iridium lenses for both the new straight jacket & the original 2000s XX
  5. U

    Deal  PLATE SALE. Plus miscellaneous

    Pm me for any additional info. I have a couple of Plates and a couple miscellaneous things that I’m letting go. All come with standard MF bag. No box or coins. All frames have original OEM lenses. No holds, first one who pays gets it. Free shipping CONUS Internation shipping additional...
  6. U

    Sold  Twenty xx jet black / Ruby

    Twenty xx Jet Black / Ruby The frame and the rubber is in excellent condition. the lenses have small scratches that do not affect the vision 8.5 / 10 Price $ 120 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  7. U

    Sold  Lot 4 XX Twenty $230

    Lot 4 XX Twenty 3 frames in good condition with some scratches, rubbers 5/10 1 xx twenty in box, lenses with some scratches, as shown in the photos, frames and rubber in excellent condition. Price: $ 230 Pay by Paypal Sent free to United States
  8. U

    Buying  Black Iridium Lenses for XX and New Straight Jacket

    as the title says I’m looking for some OEM Black Iridium lenses for: XX Twenty (Minute 2.0 also compatible) New Straight Jacket
  9. ZCForge

    Looking for XX earsock/nosebomb kit in rootbeer

    Hi all. I’ve been on the forums for awhile now just never had a need to post anything. I usually just read what everyone is talking about. I made an account because I need to know if anyone here has a rootbeer earsock/nosebomb kit for XX they are willing or looking to sell. I’m looking for the...
  10. J

    Twenty XX nose pad and earsock kit

    I've been searching for nose pad & earsock kit for vintage Twenty XX but can't find them anywhere, even at massively inflated price on eBay. Any suggestions?
  11. alexislion

    Nose pad Twenty

    Hi All, I'm looking for nose pad for a vintage oakley twenty. Cheers. Alexis
  12. B


    Got a couple pairs off the FB marketplace. Lady had a pair of Twenty XX Matte root beer w/24k and a pair of the FMJ Straights w/ice. I think I scored pretty good on both of these. Though, the XX needs new earsocks, they are in really nice condition.
  13. I.A.O. is life

    Hey from Thunderland! OKC

    Told this is the mecca for all things Oakley.
  14. C

    Hey From Philly, PA!

    Hey Oakley Forum! I've had Oakleys for over 15 years! My daily wears are Flak Jackets, Fives 2.0, and the Twenty's. I still have my original M Frames, Bottlecaps, Square Wires, and Whiskers around though. I still wear the whiskers on occasion. Thanks!
  15. U

    For Sale  Eye Jacket 3.0, Minute, Why 8, Valve, Twenty XX

    Static o Beret Best offer one.icon.oakley | eBay