1. V1P3R_Z029

    My Unobtainium Rubber Ear Socks are melting???

    So, I purchased an Oakley Juliet (2nd hand) on Ebay quite a while ago. Upon receiving, I found the stock Unobtainium Ear Socks to be all 'liquidy'/ having some sort of slippery residue. Unfortunately, this wasn't disclosed by the seller and before I knew it he couldn't be contacted anymore. 😑 I...
  2. W

    To mod (narrow) Sutro nose piece

    Impressed with the Sutro design ! but I hv a low nose bridge , even w Asian fit nose pads , my eye lashes still scrapping the lenses . Any advice how we my mod or add a nose pad to Sutro's Unobtanium nose piece ? Appreciate much !
  3. M

    Sutro/Sutro lite temple compatibility

    Do you know if Sutro lite´s temples would fit a regular Sutro? I like de original sutro a lot but I think it lacks some adherence in the temples for my type of head, something that Sutro lite´s temples have. Another option I was considering is trying and put some Radarlock unobtanium pads in the...
  4. U

    Sold  Gearbox Automatic Unobtainium- NEVER WORN

    I have a Gearbox Automatic Unobtainium watch. Never been worn, still has the wrapping on it. In perfect condition. We're asking $850 with shipping US Only
  5. U

    Buying  Chainlink ear sock/temple rubber Unobtanium kits

    I'll take them in any color.
  6. U

    Buying  Rubber set for R2

    Hello All - I'm looking to buy Unobtainium (black) Rubber kit for my R2, this may be a long shot but will post anyway. Thanks in advance! Jp