1. cacatman

    🦘List of Custom/Lens Cutting/Custom Frame Mod Contacts

    Updated on 11th May, 2021 by @cacatman If you a have correction or a tip for this page, please leave a comment. (Names are in alphabetical order unless MIA) Lens Cutting Don't know what lenses can be donors for your Oakleys? Go here and here. Why Custom Cut Lenses? - Because Oakley no longer...
  2. U

    Buying  WTB-Split Jacket Wind Gasket Accessory Upgrade Kit

    Hey guys. I'm looking for Wind Gasket Accessory Upgrade Kit to upgrade my Split Jacket. Can anyone help me? I have a US address.
  3. R

    Addition to my half jacket family??

    Hey guys! First post here! Relatively unlearned in the amount of Oakley's that are new and recently out, so I thought I'd ask for some help. I have an original pair of half-jackets that I've owned since they were first introduced in 02, chrome frame and silvered bronze polarized lenses (my...