1. V2oak

    V2oak's DIY: Custom Oakley x Monster Energy Gascan

    Oakley x Monster Energy Theme Gascan with matching custom box and microfiber bag.
  2. V2oak

    V2oak's 21st DIY: Custom Yakuza Tattoo Inspired Monster Dog

    This 1 of 1 custom monster dog was inspired and custom made for our dear friend @YakuzaFloralGangsta. There's nothing more to say about this project because the design speaks for itself. Enjoy your new tattoo inspired Monster dog bro and I hope you liked it. NOTE: No animals or dogs got hurt...
  3. V2oak

    V2oak's 15th DIY: Custom Snake Crankshaft

    Just playing around with my airbrush to re-create a snake skin type of finish and here's what I came up with, a color changing paint finish to polished black fade on the orbitals with a silver snake skin pattern and Jade iridium And to add some flavor, I added a black mamba snake graphics on...