valentino rossi

  1. U

    Found  VR46 Jupiter Squared $85

    VR 46 Jupiter Squared rate 9/10 light cleaning marks on lens. Nice pair of shades just ready to clean up the collection some. Comes with black mf bag. $85 shipped U.S.
  2. U

    For Sale  Big display card - Valentino Rossi - frogskins

    Hello Obro's for sale this awesome display card of Valentino Rossi with promo of frogskins, is big the size is 40cm x 30cm, It has two small holes that were made to hang with thumbtacks but the end was not hung in the shop, soo is new with defect. Price $120 allin obo Thanks for look
  3. V2oak

    V2oak's 13th DIY: Custom Valentino Rossi inspired Batwolf

    Im an avid motorsports fan so I just had an opportunity to make my own Valentino Rossi Inspired batwolf, I know there are VR 46 oakleys already but here is a version of mine that I think can suit his style that mostly represents the sun, moon and the constellation. Thanks guys and happy labor...