1. THISGUY25

    In-wall display case value?

    Hey all, was wondering if there was any interest for an in wall display case? I don't see them very often so I have no idea of the value. Not necessarily looking to unload it at the moment but just curious. This particular in-wall case was acquired from the Oakley Vault in Chicago/Aurora back...
  2. Tavers

    Time Bomb II value

    It pains me to consider selling this, but I may have to. To be clear, this is not a for sale thread. I'm simply trying to figure out the value of this watch. It's serial 350. I have the display box, the outer black box, but don't have the outer white box. It also features the small booklet...
  3. MKO2012

    Juliet Value

    Hello forum, I'm leaning towards selling my Polished Juliets. I don't have the original box or coin, and I swapped the fire lens out for a brand new BIP Lens. Bought these to look at, not to wear and therefore I've never worn them. they're too small for my face anyway. Curious as to what...