valve 1.0

  1. U

    For Sale  2000's Oakley Valve 1.0 FMJ Black / Black Iridium

    Mint deadstock condition gen 1.0 Valve in Black FMJ+ Black Iridium. Excellent condition, comes with Software cleaning bag. Location: UK Condition: Excellent Price: £130+pp Shipping: UK preferred Any questions please ask!
  2. atomikaso

    Second customs with a sour end

    Hi everyone! As told in my previous customs post, next victim was established as a beater Valve 1.0 Ducati pair. The plan was to paint it white with the small parts of the stems in silver and pink icons. This time, I used lighter layers of paint to avoid the dripping problem I had with the...
  3. U

    Sold  Valve 1.0 Asian Fit Black Nosebombs

    Brand new. Valve 1.0 Nosebombs (unobtainable rubber) Size: Large (Asian fit) Color: Black $22 Paypal F&F + shipping (trusted members with good feedback) Or $50 Paypal G&S + shipping 🤨 Shipping is usually less than five dollars. Fits the original valve 1.0...