1. Mike.vanderkoon

    Sold New Valve Frame Polished Black (Frame and box)

    For sale New Vlalve Polished Black (No lenses included). Never worn I bought for the lenses $35 US Let me know if you have questions
  2. Fernando

    For Sale Valve Blue - FMJ+ / Black Iridium

    Helll OF for sale Valve Blue FMJ+ Frame With Black Iridium lenses in perfect condition, don’t have scratchers the frame or lenses, came with mf-bag only. SKU: 03-877 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Nose pads 9,9/10 Price: $150 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with...
  3. Fernando

    Sold Valve Black - FMJ+ w/ Black Iridium

    Hello Of for sale this preciousness valve black fmj+ frame with black iridium lenses, has not been used but if it has been exposed it has no defects or scratches, it is perfect, came with mf-bag only. SKU: 03-875 Condition: exposed Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9.9/10 Price $135 allin (...
  4. Xformr

    Sold Valve, New Grey frames

    Lenses removed, BNIB frames Asking $25 OBO shipped CONUS. Pm with questions, please. Thanks!
  5. Fernando

    For Sale Valve FMJ Platinum - FMJ+ w/ gold iridium

    hello OFamily for sale used vale platinum fmj + with gold iridium, came with bag only, the lenses have marks but I think still good for use, the frame in very good condition rubbers very good too. SKU: 03-876 Frame 9/10 Lenses 5-6/10 Rubbers 9/10 Frame 9/10 Price 105 allin...
  6. Dullisc

    Sold Minute FMJ and Valve, New polished black black Iridium

    Minute (Gen 2) [FMJ 5.56 / Black Iridium] - $old. $30.00 Frame is in good condition. The FMJ is not flaking off though there are some worn spots on the earstems at the hinge point. Oakley logos are warn a bit with some of the silver finish worn off. Lenses will need to be replaced as they...
  7. Fernando

    Sold Valve Black - FMJ+ w/ black iridium

    Hello OF for sale a valve black - FMJ+ W/ black iridium lenses in very good condition, the left lense have one point and right lense two cleaning lines is very superficial and no botther the vision, the frame is perfect, came with bag, have very low used. Condition: used SKU: 03-875...
  8. 1alembic

    For Sale Valve (new) Polished Black w/ Polarized Black Iridium lens

    OO9236-02 Excellent shape worn once. Too big for me. Originally had +Red lenses but I kept those to cut for X Squareds. Oakley Polarized Black Iridium lenses are pristine and are Oakley OEM lenses. No box. Comes with micro fiber bag. $SOLD + shipping. PM if interested.
  9. joecool862

    Valve Gen 1 Replacement Nose Pads?

    So I looked around and saw the question asked but never answered. Is there any rubber that will work as a replacement for the 1st gen valve nose piece? I have several and would love to be able to get some new rubber on them.
  10. Xformr

    Sold Valve (new) Dark Grey frame

    Brand new never worn Oakley Valve (New, 2014 release) frame in Dark Grey. Model OO9236-11. No lenses included as they were removed. Asking $40 OBO shipped CONUS (G&S) Pm for questions. Thanks for looking!
  11. Dullisc

    For Sale Valve New Polished Black / Black Iridium

    I’ve decided to sell some of the glasses I have that I just don’t wear very often. Hoping they will find a good home. All frames are without original boxing but do come with cleaning bag. Let me hear from you if you’re interested and want to make an offer. I know that my camera skills are...
  12. Dorig Dokkens

    Buying Beater Plates

    looking for beater Plates to customize.
  13. Mikegrzy

    Deal Trade for Frogskin Lite

    Looking to trade EITHER a pair of new, never worn Tailends, Eye Jackets, Valve or Splice for a pair of Frogskin Lite. Pm me for pics of the available glasses. Thanks.
  14. sundevil516

    Lens swap

    Not too much of a mod so to speak. I swapped out my black irridium with positive red lenses in my Thin Blue Line Valves. I think it added some spice and it's a cool look.
  15. Fernando

    For Sale Bnib Valve D- Stewart Signature Mate Black w/ black iridium SKU: 12-707

    Hello again OFamily I know this is one of the best valve for collector and bnib :) this is you time to get this awesome combo if you like the speed this is your glasses lollll came complete, and don’t have any defect, you like the nascar?... SKU: 12-707 Condition BNIB Price $300 allin...
  16. Dorig Dokkens

    Sold Oakley Plate near mint

    I have an Oakley Plate that’s silver in color. They are in near perfect condition, only problem is about a pin size scratch on the bridge. Everything else is in great shape. No box.$300
  17. Dorig Dokkens

    Sold Bronze Plates mint condition

    These are Oakley Plate Bronze Titanium Sunglasses. These were the rarest color option available. More rare then the silver and gold 24k options. Never worn, brand new without tags. You won’t find a more perfect pair. Comes with original box,papers and microfiber bag. I have these listed higher...
  18. Lupetto

    Traded Jpm vintage Valve bnib

    All original bnib. Everything is mint at least 9.5 or better. Vintage valve Juan Pablo Montoya signature valve. Asking 250$ all inclusive. Thanks for checking and pm with any questions!
  19. TravisCook


    Picked up a (looks to be) new Valve’s. Got them in Oregon on a trip with my brother! Only $15, and came with a microbag. I actually like the way they fit too. Not too many new styles that fit me good. Same store I picked up the women’s soft case and microbag.
  20. oversjl78

    Rectangle Oakley Vavle Red Ear Socks and Nose Bombs?

    I was wondering if anyone could provide some advice regarding ear socks for the rectangle Oakley Valves. I've been searching everywhere for red ear socks and nose bombs, but all I seem to be able to find are frames that include the ear socks, nose bombs, and icons that I'm looking for. As I...
  21. Fernando

    Sold Valve Black - FMJ+ w/ black iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome valve like new, all perfect came with bag only. Description: Like new SKU: 03-875 Lenses 9,9/10 Frame 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price $105 allin #SOLD PayPal fees and shipping included with tracking and insurance. Thanks for look.
  22. Fernando

    For Sale Monster dog, Splice & Valve

    Hello for sale this 3 frames in very good condition, like new, have very low use one or two times, don't have the boxes, frame and lenses are free of scratchers, if you buy more of one can get a best price, more pics on request. 1) Splice Platinum - Rootbeer w/ gold Iridium $170 Sku...
  23. M Frame Boss

    Sold Infinite Hero Valve $80

    Up for sale a pair of IH Valve. They are really nice but have been worn. I see no scratches on lens and frames look great. Would rate 8/10 just in case I've over looked anything. Price is $80 with free shipping US only. Comes with mf bag only. Thanks for looking.
  24. Fernando

    Sold Valve FMJ Platinum - FMJ+ w/ gold iridium - $110

    Hello all for sale a valve platinum is new but have a defect in the paint in the right arm, see the last pic, the other is mint, came with mf-bag only. Description: New with defect SKU: 03-876 Lenses 10/10 Frame 9,9/10 Price $130 $110 #SOLD allin. PayPal g&s, shipping with...
  25. M Frame Boss

    Deal Trading few or for sale: IH Valve,IH Radar, Radarlock,Triggerman

    Trading straight up pairs that I either don't wear often or just not liking the fitment. If you don't want to trade all are also up for sell $125 Each Radarlock, triggerman in final trading stage. Both IH available. [ACH=full]283784[/ATTACH]
  26. Fernando

    Sold Valve silver w/ ice iridium SKU: 12-642 #SOLD

    Hi All.... For sale a valve silver with ice iridium used in mint condution, frame are perfect except end of the arms have little marks of wear in the paint, and the bottom of the logo in the nose bridge has a slight mark, see pics, lenses free scrachers or marks and rubbers like new, came...
  27. us_Sheikh

    For Sale Plate, Warden, Vintage Valve, Monster Dog

    UPDATE: 17/11/16 Hi again fellas, okay anyone who would even remotely be interested in any of these pairs but wouldn't call on them because of shipping is in luck. My brother is getting married and my aunt is visiting from Virginia. I'm not sure of her itinerary but I suppose she flies back to...
  28. Fernando

    For Sale Fernando's sales " Consolidate tread " New: All prices drop "

    Welcome to my consolidate sales thread... General Information: Payments in paypal G&S All prices include shipping Worldwide from spain. Additional pictures available upon request. Trades I would consider: Carbon Fiber Money Clip 40 Years Anniversary Book Robotic Store f. Carbon carabine...
  29. Jacob Carstens

    Sold JP Montoya Valve #12-675 - pricedrop 105 $

    Hi Guys, I'd like to move these beauties on - will trade for Collegiate XX or Minute.. Frame is, as far as I can tell, spotless. Lenses each have one thin hairline - that doesn't affect vision - I've tried capturing it in the pics I've added. Asking 105 $ - PayPal G&S - shipping included.
  30. Fernando

    Sold BNIB Valve Platinium w/ Gold Iridium sku#03-876

    hi o-family for sale another one awasome discontinued valve of my collection, this time platinium Edition wit Gold Iridium lenses, Is New and came with all, mg-bag papers and box, Is complete. SKU: 03-876 Price 190 170 Allin ( included paypal fees g&s And shipping )