1. Bredon8

    Hard Vault Size for Penny

    Anyone put their penny in a hard vault? What size fits best?
  2. TheDukeOfIce

    Sold :)

    Removed :)
  3. TheDukeOfIce

    Found MM / Watch Vault

    Lookin to purchase a MM soft vault. If there is a hard vault, very interested in tha as well. Thank you
  4. THISGUY25

    For Sale Moving sale!

    Starting to pack stuff up so have a bunch of randoms that I'm parting with so I thought i would condense some listings. Prices include shipping to CONUS. Let me know if you have questions. 2)Warden Silver with Grey 05-941=SOLD -Glasses are in great shape. Frame and rubbers are like new. Lens do...
  5. mustangjt

    Sold The Wire Vault, The Vault, The X-Metal Vault... Trio of Vaults

    For sale as a set : Wire Vault, Vault, and X-Metal Vault. All three have new foam installed. No issues with any of the hinges. $200 PayPal G&S Shipped, CONUS. Thanks for looking!
  6. O

    Sold X-Metal Large Vault - Original Condition

    I'm Selling an original condition X-Metal Large Vault. I am the original owner of this case purchased new. $125 plus shipping ConUS please
  7. Tejada

    Sold Briefcase x metal

    for sale 4 oakley xmetal cases Small briefcase 520 $ Big briefcase $ 650 free shipping to the USA
  8. Tejada

    Value Oakley Briefcase x metal

    Goodnight. I thank in advance who can help me by evaluating these 2 articles. At what price have items such as these been sold? Are they hard to find
  9. Jmgarcia

    For Sale Vaults

    1. XX x-metal Jade polar cut by Chris. These were purchased from another member but never got around to use them so they got to go for other projects. New and never mounted $67 SOLD! . 2. Medium O-matter metal vault, no foam or box. Hinges are still snappy and the vault is not bent nor warped...
  10. Questor

    Buying Lg metal vault case

    I'm hoping to buy a square metal vault case to fit some Juliet's and or Romeo's. I believe this is the one I'm looking for. Ten rivets wide, four rivets tall, and four rivets deep. Interior foam in a good condition is a plus. Thanks. Q~
  11. Sc'O'user

    Sold X-Metal Vault & Custom Gold R1 lenses

    I've decided to have a bit of clear out to make a bit of room, so listed below are some items I’m putting up for sale…. LNIB X-Metal Vault, only ever used for display and in Like new condition inside and out, original foam is unmarked, comes with original box. £100 shipped within the UK… $150...
  12. Jacob Carstens

    For Sale Medium & Small metal vault..

    Moving these on: Medium vault in good condition but without foam + Small vault in good condition - foam a little broken up. Take both for 100 $ - SOLD
  13. Hellmut77


    Never used or displayed. The vault is essentially like brand new. Foam 9.5/10 Metal 9.5/10 Retail Cardboard box 8/10 - has one small crease in the corner. Look in the picture. Asking $140 GS
  14. C

    Metal vault cases?

    I've been looking for a way to protect my Oakleys while traveling. Are these worth the money? Why are they so expensive? I can't find them on the Oakley website, so I assume they're no longer sold? Thanks. Oakley Vault Sunglasses Cases Both Sizes x Metal and Standard | eBay