1. TheDukeOfIce

    Trading RX Vault trade for two (2) X Metal vault(s)

    I have a nice metal RX Vault that I had planned for a project that never happened. I removed the foam from this RX Vault, and have an additional RX Vault foam / pucks to add. I am looking for two X Metal vaults, with or without foam, in functional condition (dings and scratches o.k.). :For...
  2. SolarOracle

    For Sale BNIB X-Metal Wire Vault $75 OBO

    Small Vault Fits A Wire, A Wire 2.0, C Wire, E Wire 2.1, Half Wire, Halfpint, Haylon, Square Wire, Square Wire 2.0, T Wire, T Wire 2.0, Teaspoon or XS Fives Very nice Display Piece / All Original $60 Shipped CONUS
  3. THISGUY25

    For Sale Vaults and hard case bundle

    For sale is a bundle of 9 cases/vaults. All cases are in pretty good condition. All zippers work and in good shape. Great for storage/travel. $90 gets ya the whole bunch shipped in the Con US.
  4. Ali Foam

    For Sale Oakley Metal Vaults Small and Large including new foam

    For Sale: Small Vaults £55 each included shipping and brand new foam Large X-metal vaults £110 including tracked shipping and brand new foam if you buy multiple i will do a discount. Also if you want any other foam from the 3 sizes of metal vault or the juliet cardboard box, i also have those.
  5. TravisCook

    Sold Eyejacket 1.0, Five 1.0,

    Multiple pairs for sale. I ended up purchasing a couple pairs online and just trying to recoup funds spent on the two. - I do have additional photos, just ask. 4.) Fives 1.0 - White Tiger w/Black Iridium - minor fading on the inside of the frame. $55 SHIPPED *****************PLEASE...
  6. Millertime2598

    Sold Timebomb Vault

    Recently picked this up in a bundle deal and really have no use for it. Overall vault is still in good shape, just missing the padding material where the watch is cradled. Opening/closing is a little loose. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $65 shipped in the US.
  7. TheDukeOfIce

    RX in a Bone Plasma XS

    Big thanks for the forum collaboration to get my new RX put together. Frame from @Jheyvip Customization from @zwc0442 with a killer Bone Plasma finish. RX Crizal lenses cut and fit from @Chris A Hardaway Vault customized Bone Plasma from @THE X-MAN Replacement vault foam from @Ali Foam Really...
  8. socalTrojan

    Storage Case

    what's the official name of this product? what it worth these days? this is the smaller one for original e-wire / square wire sizes
  9. R

    Oakley Watch Vault

    Hey guys, I cant find the Oakley watch vault anywhere so I bought a couple WATCHPOD cases instead and love them. Anybody else use these?
  10. Frogskins


  11. TheDukeOfIce

    Found MM / Watch Vault

    Lookin to purchase a MM soft vault. If there is a hard vault, very interested in tha as well. Thank you
  12. THISGUY25

    Found Large soft vaults

    Anyone have a bunch of large soft vaults they want to unload at a decent price. My glasses may be going into storage for a bit so I'll need about 3 or 4.
  13. Lackhammer

    Madman/Badman Vault Case

    Hey everyone! I purchased a pair of Madman’s from a sunglass hut (it was the last pair I could find, which was frustrating since I work at an Oakley retailer) but it did not come with a box OR the capsule case!! I am desperately trying to find one but the only one that comes up when I search...
  14. Bonz-1

    Sold X-METAL custom polished vault!!

    Hello everyone today we have a large x-metal vault I polished !! It doesn't have any foam inside of it but outside is very shinny!! If you have tried to polish one of these you will know how much work this is !!! I'm looking for $155.21 obo conus!! Yes you heard right I'm even paying shipping ...
  15. O

    Sold X-Metal Large Vault - Original Condition

    I'm Selling an original condition X-Metal Large Vault. I am the original owner of this case purchased new. $125 plus shipping ConUS please
  16. Rotorhead

    Sold X Metal Soft Vault New

    For sale is one X Metal Soft Vault. New, never used. Perfect condition and extra large (the largest I have seen). Price is $55 delivered US. Thanks for looking!
  17. TravisCook

    For Sale Multiple Cases

    For sale is a lot of Oakley cases. I have accumulated these over the corse of about 3 years. They are taking up space in my display, so, I figured I’d try to sell them. I want to sell them all as a lot. I do not want to separate. There are three, that are stained/need to be cleaned, or have a...
  18. Jmgarcia

    Sold Vegas case and bag

    $60 shipped for both within the US
  19. SolarOracle

    Buying X-Metal Large Vault "X"

    Looking for a New or Mint X-Metal Vault Silver Case. Size Large which will fit any of the X Metal line. I can pay cash or trade! Show me what you have for quick money
  20. Gunn

    Sold Romeo 1 X-Metal w/ Black Iridium + X-Metal Soft Vault

    Up for sale is an Oakley Romeo 1 in X-Metal and original Black Iridium lenses with X-Metal etching. Thias is a used pair, but in great shape. The frame is in great condtion - I'd say 8.5 to 9 / 10. All rubbers are original, complete and in good condition. The upper gaskets are pretty squezed...

    For Sale Oakley Single Wide X-Metal Display case

    Hey, everyone! I am selling a beautiful Oakley Single wide display case! IT IS NOT THE ONE PICTURED. I am away right now and just need to get an ad up for the time being! It does, however, look exactly like this case except for it has 2 locking drawers instead of the drawer and it does not have...
  22. Toomin

    Buying Need a couple Soft Vaults

    Like the way they hold my glasses, and have a couple pairs without some. Thank you
  23. SiRacer420

    Some new stuff from back when Oakley made awesomeness

    I recently picked up both of these brand new. Unfortunately the wallet did not have the box. The label on the vault box is 4/19/00 and I'm pretty sure these wallets came out around then, surely within a few years. Kevlar is awesome but my favorite part of these is the label on the vault box. Not...
  24. MEACRO

    For Sale X-Metal RX Lens Vault

    Hi Guys, I have a X-Metal Style Rx Lens vault for sale. Price includes shipping to CONUS and PayPal fee's. SOLD No holds or trades. Thanks for taking a look!
  25. B

    Is Fast Jacket Case Unique?

    I'm struggling to get a definitive answer to this, many say the Flak case is the same as for the Fast Jacket, but I have a (slotted) Flak/Half case and it's not a great fit for the Fast Jacket - doable but not exactly slotting neatly in. So, does anyone know for sure if the Fast actually does...
  26. lacucaracha1973

    For Sale brand new x-metal vaults (rust decay)

    i have two brand new rust decay x-metal vaults that i wanna sell because i have no use for them. $100 EACH g&s paypal, shipped CONUS. pics to follow
  27. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Large Metal X-Metal Vault - SOLD on EBAY

    As the title says, as the pictures show. Price $95 includes shipping ConUS PP G&S. (Will ship oConUS on your dime). For seller protection I will only ship to approved addresses on file with PayPal ... or else ;). Enjoy
  28. Jacob Carstens

    Sold R2 XM / BIP with X soft vault.

    Hi guys, For sale is a pair of XM/BIP Romeo 2 Frame and rubbers are excellent - can't find any kind of marks or defects. Very slight flex in left side of the nosebridge - but, in my opinion, it doesn't need a tune-up. Scratch on the bottom left corner of the right lens and a few cleaning marks...
  29. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Like New Rust Decay Metal Case - GONE

    Selling one of my 3 rust decay cases. Like new OEM Rust Decay Metal Case. In mint condition. These are slightly larger than the Xmetal vaults, so they fit all the xmetal models in it. Price $150 includes shipping ConUS, Paypal G&S (will ship only to the address provided by PayPal, if not...
  30. joecool862

    Buying X metal soft vault

    Hey everybody! Need to pick up one more x metal soft vault as part of a Christmas gift I'm putting together. Would prefer very good-excellent condition. Can be used, definitely doesn't need to be new with tags. Let me know what you have! Thanks!