violet iridium

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    Sold  X-Metal XX w/ Violet Iridium

    Hi OF, I have another pair for your consideration today. An X-Metal XX with custom cut violet iridium lenses and purple rubbers from Linegear. Condition is as follows: Frame: the frame is in good condition. It is serialized (XX034044). Some surface blemishes here and there. Lenses: Overall...
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    Sold  R1, XX, XS Lenses

    Hello OF I have some X-Metal lenses for sale all brand new unless specified Don't hesitate if you need more pics All lenses are 8.75 BC and not Polarized Romeo Violet = $SOLD XX Prizm Sapphire = $SOLD XS Prizm Sapphire = $OLD XX Ice with Purple Hue = $OLD Shipped CONUS Airmail no Tracking...
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    Sold  XS Violet Lenses

    I have these Mint XS Violet Iridium lenses for sale. Mounted once but I decided to go back to OEM Ruby OEM from Straightlink lenses Would rate 9/10 to be safe $OLD Shipped CONUS Comes with SL box
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome IH Split Jacket Carbon with Grey and Violet Iridium lenses, is used, still in very good condition, The black left lens has a fine line that you cannot see when you wear them you can see it in the photo, the violets have signs of use but very little, they are...
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    Sold  X-Metal Lenses (Updated)

    Custom cuts lenses for sale 8.75 BC X-Metal XX 24K $90 Romeo Violet $100 $90 XS Prizm Sapphire with Etching SOLD All in new condition!! Shipping CONUS included
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    Sold  Heritage Razor Blade

    Heritage Razor Blades - Black/Matte Clear w/ Violet Iridium Overall I'd consider them to be in very good to excellent pre-owned condition, as there's no major issues to them besides some light wear. I've done by best to highlight any areas that might be of concern to buyers. Included is the...
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    Sold  Romeo Plasma with Violet

    Hello OF Im looking to make a larger purchase and bought to many Frames recently so I decided to sell this Romeo Plasma 1st gen with Violet Iridium lenses Frames is in excellent condition with a light discoloration on the right orbital Lenses are brand new Violet iridium with 8.75 BC All...
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    Sold  Infinite Hero Fuel Cell Carbon / Violet Iridium

    Hello OF for sale now the old School IH Fuel Cell Carbon with Violet Iridium lenses, they are new, they have not been used but if they have been exposed, the lenses are almost perfect they have some dust mark but impossible to capture in the photos, they just look like they are like new, came...
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    Sold  Big Taco lenses BNIB Violet Iridium

    Hello OF Selling these BNIB Big Taco lenses Hard to find these days Perfect donor with 8.75 BC Violet Iridium $85 Shipped CONUS
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket Carbon W/ Grey / Violet

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome IH Split Jacket Carbon with Grey and Violet Iridium lenses, I used only 3 or 4 times with much love, still in very good condition, both lenses like new with out any scratchers, came with the ballistic black case, IH poster, IH bag, IH pin and new extra nose...
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI

    Hello Of for sale other beautiful split jacket, I have not use it because I have several repeated, the black left lens has a slight line but very superficial and barely looks or bothers, I tried but it was impossible to take in the photo, the frame does not have marks or scratches is perfect...
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    Sold  Pink Fade Custom Frog Lites w/ Violet + Coast Frame

    $PF for Frog Lites $PF for Coast Frames Open to non-frog related trades. I've done a number of goggles over the years with this coloring method, but these were the first frames I took on, and it shows... As these had previously been worn prior to the coloring, they had some friction...
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket Carbon W/ Grey / Violet Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome IH Split Jacket Carbon with Grey and Violet Iridium lenses, I used only 3 or 4 times with much love, still in very good condition, both lenses like new with out any defect or mark, came with the ballistic black case, IH bag and new extra nose rubbers. SKU...
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    Sold  CC Violet Juliet Lenses

    Juliet Violet Iridium Cut by Chris Hardaway Half Jacket 2.0 Donors comes with ziploc baggy w/ barcode sku label - no box. Have not been worn, although have been mounted once. $65 Shipped in CONUS May trade for: Jawbone lenses - 00 RIP, +RIP, -Red, +Red, JIP Jupiter Sq lenses - Ruby, +Red...
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    Sold  Juliet 1st Gen Plasma w/ FIP BI Violet

    Plasma Bone White Serial P070963 Daily Wear/Beater Bridge - What I consider normal amount of play Fire Polar - Moderate/Heavy Wear Violet - Unworn only mounted once Blk I - A few light marks Bridge has some play, I would consider it mild/average amount of play, I did not feel they're in need...
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    For Sale  90's Gen 2 Frogskins Rootbeer/Bronze, Crystal Black/+Red, Violet Iridium Spares

    $ØŁD ~ Frogskins Rootbeer w/ Bronze Mirror Hinges have no signs of cracks Face plate has 2 stress area but only visible when held up to direct light. Lenses have light superficial hairline marks - Not visible while worn. Overall very clean shape and ready to be worn as-is 9/10 Condition...
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    For Sale  Gen 2 Frogskins

    (2) Paris of Gen 2 Frogskins Crystal Black w/ +Red Each orbital has a small stress line on the bottom outside area The left arm’s top hinge has a stress line Lenses have no serious scratches, they have the typical hairline wear you’d expect for a daily wear pair, the iridium finish is more...
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    For Sale  or Trade: Fuel Cell Clear - Violet

    8.5/10 Condition; a couple light hairlines marks on the lens. Not really my cup of tea anymore, recently found them cleaning after being misplaced for quite some time. $75 Shipped CONUS $65 Shipped CONUS $50 Shipped CONUS SOLD SOLD SOLD Trades of interest M Frame Heater Lens Mainlink |...
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    Radar EV Pitch Retina Burn Violet Iridium

    Just got this in the mail today. Violet iridium in the pitch lens shape is looking awesome.
  20. Nismoz32

    Devastating story

    Well, I came in here in hopes that someone could point me in the right direction of acquiring a pair of Eyepatch 2 Polished Black with Violet Iridium lenses, for tonight I grieve as I've had an extremely frustrating day, and in the midst of that I placed my beloved and favorite Oakleys on the...
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    Buying  Radar EV Pitch Violet Iridium lens

    Looking for radar ev pitch violet iridium lens. anyone has one for sell?
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    Sold  R1 Violet Iridium Lenses

    Selling these R1 Violet iridium lenses for Romeo 1 Asking $OLD Shipped CONUS
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    Trading  Fuel Cell - violet iridium clear frames - trade for dark frame Fuel Cells

    They were a gift a few years ago. I’m not into the clear frames. Looking to straight trade for dark frame fuel cell. Lens tint does not matter, as I have BIP lenses ready to put in. Doesn’t have to be black per se, just a darker color.
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    For Sale  Galaxy Brooks.

    Check me out. $140. Violet lenses. USA and Canada shipping included.. For that oakley/star wars
  25. S

    24k vs violet iridium

    I recently decided to get a replacement lens for radar ev frame.. So i chose these two.. Both look great from the outside but can not able to decide what should I get? i have no experience of how it looks through both of these lenses.. So if anyone have both of these can you tell me what is the...
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket

    Hi everyone, I am putting up for sale a pair of IH Split Jacket. Here are the details for your consideration: Frame: No visible nicks/scratches that I could see Lenses: There are some light surface scatches, more so on the etch one as compared to the other. They do not affect vision. There...
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    For Sale  or Trade XM XX Violet Iridium Custom Cut

    Up for sale or trade are these beautiful Violet Iridium lenses for X-metal XX. Mounted once and hardly worn. Hand cut by a local from Straightlink donors. No fitment issues in my first gen XX frame, however one lens does fit tighter than the other. Lenses have slight marks from being mounted...
  28. prezio

    Free pair of Frogskins? Fake or not?

    Hi, Yesterday I walked by the river. I was not able to find any rare pokemon :p but I pay attention to the characteristic violet iridium color in the grass. It turned out it was a pair of Frogskins in pretty good condition :cool-20: I know it sounds too good to be true, but please tell me is it...
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    Sold  New custom cut Juliet lenses - Gold Iridium

    Both sets of lenses are in like new condition. No scratches, nicks, blemishes, dings, or anything that might affect line of vision. They have been mounted in 3 different Juliet frames and perfect fit in all of them. Gold Iridium custom cut by @zwc0442 I believe from Flak 2.0 XL, but not 100%...
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    Sold  INFINITE HERO JULIET LNIB price drop

    Here is an awesome pair of infinite hero juliets. Never worn, only displayed, but mostly just stored. There isn't a mark on the lenses or the frames. The box, bag and coin are included. I dont give a ten unless it's factory sealed . But these are that close. Frame- perfect 9/10 Lenses- perfect...