vr28 black iridium polarized

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    Sold  Jawbone VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

    Jawbone VR28 Black Iridium Polarized. Perfect condition. Have this for a while, but never used it. Model no. O4-204 Matte white frame. Asking 120 shipped. If you more info, let me know. Thanks for looking.
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    Sold  Pit boss 1 lenses ( tungsten p. and vr28 bp) ).

    Tungsten polarized, vr28 black iridium polarized both oem not custom cut. Asking 120$ for tungsten and 100$ for vr28 as one lens has one small scratch on the extreme right side and a tiny bubble defect below scratch ( both out of field of view and only noticable at angled viewing under a light...
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    Sold  Juliet plasma w/ blue iridium polarized lenses + USA bag #SOLD

    Hello For sale this mint custom Juliet, plasma frame 4rt gen with new blue iridium polarized lenses, I installed new Ducati red earshoks, the Nose bridge is newly adjusted, all is mint. I am going to put two purchase options, the first one the glasses with the microbag, and the second option...
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    Sold  Scalpel Black w/ Ghost Text, VR28 BIP

    Sad to say, but this pair just sees the inside of a mf bag in a drawer. Time to set them free. I customized these back in 2011 and have since put BNIB VR28 Black Iridium Polarized lenses in. I've worn them exactly 3 times since then. Well, now 4 times, counting when I literally just put them on...
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    Deal  or Selling: X-Squared VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

    Would like to trade my vr28 BIP for: Violet or Ice Polarized Violet Iridium Ice Iridium OO BIP prefer to trade, but if nothing turns up will sell @ SOLD VR28 Black Iridium Polarized Lens 9/10 Condition In excellent condition with the exception of a faint straight mark on right lens...
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    Sold  BNOB romeo 2 polished w/ vr28 polarized

    Hello OF, Selling a brand new Romeo 2 polished with vr28 polarized lenses. Brief descriptions are as foloows: Frame: Brand new , no scratches 10/10 Lenses: All nee 10/10 Coupler: Factory play It comes with microfiber bag only. Price 400usd SOLD allin, Paypal g&s ( PayPal...
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    Sold  LNIB XSquared polished w/ vr28 black iridium polarized

    Hello OFamily for sale LNIB Never Been used XS, polished frame with vr28 bip lenses complete and new, is perfect for collectors or for wear. SKU: OO6011-05 Frame- Never been mounted 9.5/10 Lens- No scratches 10/10 Box- Still crisp and sturdy 9/10 Coin- Bnew Softvault- New with plastic...
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    Juliet values?

    Hi, I have two pairs of brand new Juliet’s one polished and one pair Carbon. 5 different pairs of lens. How do I figure out the value? They both have 55-21 sku but no serial numbers. Thanks for any advice.
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    This is Awesome!

    Hello Everyone - I'm new to the forum and had no idea this existed . . . I wished I would have known about years ago. I have a pair of Nanowire 2.0's that I've worn for roughly 8-9 years and I can't think of what I'll do without them. I've had them tighten up a couple times but ultimately I...
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    Sold  Juliet VR28BIP (Black Iridium Polarized) OEM Non-Custom Cut Lens

    I have a set of these for sale with the box included - I will include pictures of the lenses shortly. They are brand new - never mounted. Price: $90 OBO PayPal G&S - Shipping Included I'll also throw in some scratched up BI juliet lenses that you can use for display or blow up @Trucker360.
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    Sold  XS Polished VR28 BIP

    Selling this beautiful set of X-Squared Polished Frame with VR28 Black Iridium Polarized SKU: 006001-05 Glasses were only display so frame is in mint condition. 10/10 Right lens has light display scratch only visible from a certain angle 9.8/10 Glasses are in like new condition.. still has...
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    Sold  XS VR28 BIP Lenses

    Up for sale today is a set of XS VR28 Black Iridium Polarized lenses in Like New Condition! They have been removed from a Polished Frame upon purchase and kept safe I would rate them 9.5/10 to be fair since the right lens has faint hairlines abrasion only visible from a certain angle. SOLD...
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    For Sale  XS VR28 BIP Lenses

    Hi O Bros, I have a pair of oem (not custom cut) XS VR28 BIP lenses for sale. Right lens has mounting marks that are visible after mounting and left lens (polarized etch) has no issues. Please review the photos and let me know if you have any questions. I am looking for $60 inclusive of...
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    Sold  LNIB Pit Boss 2 Polished black w/ VR28 Iridium Polarized

    Hey everyone! Have a pit boss 2 like new in box. Been worn a couple times and has a small blemish on one of the arms. But lenses are 10/10. Photos of everything is included. Have all the paperwork and box also that are included. Asking 350 OBO PayPal shipped Please let me know if you have any...
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    Sold  Juliet Polished w/ vr28 black iridium polarized #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this used but in very good condition juliet, lenses have signs of wear and cleaning marks, but nothing big to impide the vision, frame is out of scratchers, came with xtra rubbers ( notepads and 25's t-shocks ), and have installed 15's t-shocks, inside the box don't have...
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    Sold  XS Polished & Polished Carbon for Xmetal R1

    Hi gang. I'm looking for a mint condition Xmetal R1 and am willing to put both my polished XS up as trade. 1) Polished With VR28 BIP (6011-05) 2) Polished Carbon with BIP (6011-06) Both are LNIB (Polished Carbon still has the sticker on the lens). Everything included. Everything perfect. I'll...
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    Traded  X-squared Polished/VR28 Complete!

    Up for sale is a near perfect and complete, polished/VR28 XS. Comes with absolutely everything (box, coin, soft vault, pouch, extra nose bombs and papers). Condition Frame: I can't find any issues. Essentially perfect. Lenses: Etched lens is like new. No issues. Non-etched lens has some minor...
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    Sold  juliet ti02 plasma&xmetal w/ vr28 bip & reverse ti02 w/ gold iridium #SOLD

    Hello o-family for sale this awesome Juliet's custom ti02 plasma & Xmetal combo frame, and ti02 reversed, the frame are perfect and I make a tune-up's today, instal new red Ducati ear-shocks t-shocks and nose pads, and put new lenses in both frames, all is new and oem. Price for both $730 but...
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    Sold  1st gen Juliet (Bone) Plasma Ice Mint/ 3rd gen Juliet - price dropped again

    2. 1st gen Juliet Plamsa Ice - serialized Looks and feels like brand new . This is one of the early versions , with that rough "bone " plasma finish . It's in mint condition and comes complete with correct box, coin, papers and micro bag. Frame 9/10 its perfect not a mark Bridge 9/10 tight...
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    Buying  Lens - Black Iridium Polarized for pit boss 1 **UPDATED**

    Picked up a 03-303 pb1 and it doesn't have the correct lens. Looking forr a fair price to sell with them when I do. granted I could sell the set as is for about 425 but would rather give the buyer as complete as I can Thx again.