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    For Sale  X-Squared polished vr28bip LNIB

    Selling a slightly used mostly displayed example of one of the best combinations you will ever find! Frame 10/10, lens 10/10 ( sticker was replaced ), rubbers 9/10. Nosebridge 10/10. Box 10/10 . 100% complete. Asking 650$ ->625$ All inclusive. ( SPF ) Thanks for checking! Looking for a minute...
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    Sold  Pit Boss 1 polished black vr28 bip

    In mint condition. 10/10 asking 500$ SOLD .shipped. Looking to also trade for a beater Pb1 for a project. Prefer a box including set with titanium or vr28bip or oobip maybe included in set. Pm me if you have a Pb1 beater to offer. Thanks!!