1. Fernando

    For Sale Canvas Wallet

    Hello OF I want sell my canvas wallet I have it for long time and never used, is new with out any defect, don’t have tags 10/10 SKU: 95045-001 Price $90 allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ). Thanks for look.
  2. Fernando

    For Sale Quilted Leather Wallet

    Hello Of for sale this old leather wallet in used condition, I wear many times don’t have nothing broken or unstitched, still good for put your money inside I rated in 7/10 need clearing the leather, the internal elastic band works like the first day. Price $45 allin (25 for the wallet and 20...
  3. Fernando

    Sold Cart larg Kevlar yellow

    Hello Of for sale other one new Kevlar cart, is the big, new without any use but has a small defect that is barely seen and does not affect the use, you can see near the hole for the chain I took a photo up close so you can see it well, yellow color with original package. Price $90 allin (or...
  4. Fernando

    Sold Kevlar wallet “NeW”

    Hello OF for sale this awesome and new Kevlar wallet, is new and don’t have defect, all work perfect. 10/10 Price $90 allin OBO Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ). Thanks for look.
  5. Gyugyu

    Buying Kevlar wallet

    Looking for a large size carbon fiber/kevlar wallet, preferably in the black/grey colourway (in the mid).
  6. Bonz-1

    Sold Stealth judge/ Kevlar wallet

    Hey everyone I'm continuing to sell some stuff I don't have use for ! Today I have a Kevlar wallet and a credit card insert I would like to keep these together as a set even though they don't go together price is 55 OBO shopped Paypal G&S The second is 3 stealth judge links in new condition! I...
  7. Lupetto

    Yankees wallet 2013

    Found this while perusing sales page here in Japan. Putting it up for posterity:) I’m in no way interested in baseball so I won’t really care if you hate on the Yankees;)
  8. Oakleynerd

    Sold Oakley Leather Wallet Small Black BNIB

    hello community, this time is up for sale a brand new black leather wallet. SKU# 95004-001 Full-length bill holder with divider for you cash money Multiple card pockets for 6 cards Removable license holder with monofilament window and another 2 cards asking price in US$ 60,oo via...
  9. Fernando

    Sold Brad New Old School Air force Leather Wallet

    Hello all I decided to sell one of my special piece, I have this piece safe in my collection and now looking for new home, is of leather, this wallet is very good and rare piece for collectors, never used, came with the tag inside the wallet, comes in a small Oakley black bag...
  10. Jheyvip

    For Sale Oakley Men's Leather Bi-fold Money Wallet + Credit Card ID Holder Black.

    Oakley Men's Leather Bi-fold Money Wallet + Credit Card ID Holder Black. New $38.00 Plus shipping
  11. SiRacer420

    Some new stuff from back when Oakley made awesomeness

    I recently picked up both of these brand new. Unfortunately the wallet did not have the box. The label on the vault box is 4/19/00 and I'm pretty sure these wallets came out around then, surely within a few years. Kevlar is awesome but my favorite part of these is the label on the vault box. Not...
  12. Brian24Xmetal

    Deal Money clip w/leather card holder

    Looking to replace a money clip with leather wallet part like the one in the photo. Please reply or PM if willing to sell one! Thanks!
  13. CrazyALee

    For Sale Collector frogskins, garage rock, Juliet lenses, juliet gaskets/screws, A frame lens snow goggle

    Need to sell! SHIP WITHIN USA only!! Paypal F&F prices listed, thanks! Oakley A frame snow goggle replacement lens, black iridium, condition solid 8/10 (few minor small scratches on front, minor scuff on one side on the back) $38
  14. CrazyALee

    Buying WTB: Oakley canvas wallet BIFOLD

    Hello I'm hoping someone on this forum has this particular wallet, an extra one perhaps in fair or new condition they'd like to sell me? I normally use the "small leather wallet, black" but I'm going on a trip where its gona be too bulky. Pics of one attached, thanks!