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    Sold  X-metal 2 set OEM combo " 2 stem bolt + 2 stem washer + 2 bridge pin + 1 juliet earsock/nosepad "

    For sale this two set to leave Juliet, as new, all pieces is original oakley factory. Each set consists: 2 sterm washer 2 sterm bolt 2 bridge Pin 1 Juliet earsock/nosepad kit black 06-489 Price 50 usd for set allin shipped to all :) Thanks for look. All photos are from a set.
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    For Sale  Collector frogskins, garage rock, Juliet lenses, juliet gaskets/screws, A frame lens snow goggle

    Need to sell! SHIP WITHIN USA only!! Paypal F&F prices listed, thanks! Oakley A frame snow goggle replacement lens, black iridium, condition solid 8/10 (few minor small scratches on front, minor scuff on one side on the back) $38