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    For Sale  Oakley Pelican watch box case Minute Machine, Hollow point etc..

    I have a great used condition “pelican” Oakley watch box. Any questions please feel free to ask. Willing to ship internationally as well. Thanks for looking. Price is shipped via usps priority mail in CONUS. $85
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    Sold  “Instruments of Time” Wooden Watch Box

    For sale is the final piece of my watch collection : an absolutely mint “Instruments of Time” wooden watch box. This is in perfect, pristine, as new condition inside and out. Latch and hinges are nice and firm. Comes completely with pillow, inner foam and outer black cardboard box. A great...
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    Found  MM / Watch Vault

    Lookin to purchase a MM soft vault. If there is a hard vault, very interested in tha as well. Thank you
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    Sold  Watch Case, X Metal Case

    Watch Case, X Metal Case the case for glasses has a defect in the closure, but it is functional. They are not sold separately. Price for the two cases $ 65 pay by Paypal Shipping to the USA $ 5
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    Found  Ti Minute Machine in San Diego

    This got posted last night. It was originally listed for $750. By this morning it was raised to $850. Description does say it needs a battery.
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    Sold  Wood Oakley watch box

    asking 100$ plus shipping (20$) pm if interested. Condition is very good! Thank you for looking. Interested in a minute machine clasp for trade.
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    Sold  Oakley leather watch box - $40 shipped

    I have a good used condition Oakley watch box. Only has a couple small marks from usage. Pics show anything. Price drop to $40shipped. No trades currently. Can text or message me. 970-631-6316
  8. Pospaintballer

    Trying to find tb1 case

    I'm looking for the metal case that came with the tb1. Any ideas where I can find this???????
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    Buying  Wodden Watch Cases PLEASE

    hello O-community, i need a bit help . . . i'm looking for some watch boxes for the Hollowpoint and so on. Please send me a PM with a picture of what you have and the price tag! thanx Oakleynerd but you could check my for sale threads - maybe we could trade: - Italy Fuel Cell Edition - Antix...
  10. The_Darkone

    Filled my Gearbox

    My newest edition is on the right "Expedient"
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    Sold  Classic Wooden Watch Display Boxes _Reduced - Ebay next!

    Thanks for looking. Decided these displays took up to much room in my small case. ( i know, get a bigger one!) They are all in good condition with the exceptions noted. A. = very good condition. Looking at 110 shipped. Note the black pillow. Metal type icon on lid. B = very good...