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    For Sale  Display items

    Random stuff I have way too many of shipping not included in prices. Titleist NXT Tour- $25 Holiday Koozie-$30 Ball Marker-$20 Two tier stand-$40 Single tier stands-$25 Watch stand-$35 Everything together for $200.
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    Sold  Custom cube to display watches.

    Custom cube to display watches. The cube is totally new with some details. the price is $ 280 includes 20 hooks. 10 small 10 large. The price of 12 hooks for watch is $ 65 Please, if you are interested or want additional photos send me a message and I will gladly answer as soon as possible...
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    For Sale  Watch Hooks

    12 Clock Hooks 12 units. They are not sold separately. Lot price $ 70 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the United States.
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    Sold  Watch Stands - Metal Cube and additional watch hooks

    Looking to sell some metal cube watch stands. They've just been sitting in the bottom of my case; figured pass them along to someone who can actually use them. Please let me know if you have any questions. 2 Large - Sold 3 small - Sold 8 additional Black watch hooks - $8 shipped each in the US
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    Sold  X metal Base For watches.

    X metal base for watches new. 2 pieces are missing which are marked with a circle in 1 of the photos. D TOP TRAY (part no. 89-379) E SIDE WINGS (part. no. 89-381) A- BASE UNIT ( part. no. 89-381) CLIP KIT (part. no. 89-382) 50 units. Price 400$ paypal OBO Shipping by DHl free. Paypal...
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    For Sale  Watch stands

    Recently picked up some watch stands from a friend; looking to move them to people who need them. They are Oakley, but don't have any signature as such. They are used and appear they were just ditched in the back of a store for a while. Please let me know if you have any questions. Available...
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    Thank you SiRacer420 :D

    So, I finally got around to adjusting the links on the 12 Gauge I bought from @Titan X. Well, I received the 3D printed stands from @SiRacer420 about a month ago or so, and finally got around to cleaning up my display to take some appropriate photos of the stands. The 2 tier I bought for Both of...
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    Buying  Looking for more plastic watch stands

    of these, Flimsy little bastards. i think i have 2 sizes, small and longer. so far they aren't being very nice with my metal band watches. may have to ditch the idea. anyone know where to get these or what they are actually called? thanks in advance! here is what i have to display for...