water jacket

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    Sold  Water Jacket Polished Black / G30 NIB

    Here is a set of glasses for the moistest of members. New in box. Even has a full bottle of hydrophobic solution! Super super nice set of glasses. $215usd shipped within North America.
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    Sold  Price Drop: 15 nose pieces for water jacket

    I have a bag with 15 nose pieces for water jacket. Usd $300 ($20 each) + Shipping (Aprox. $50 - $60) Selling all together because the shipping is expensive from my country.
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    Seeking Water Jacket nose piece

    Hello, Oakley Forum! I'm looking for a nose piece for my Water Jackets. I believe a poster who goes by the name Catacan has some for sale, but I'm unable to reply to the thread For Sale - Water Jacket & Racing Jacket Gen 1/2 Earsocks, Nosepieces & Straps Your help would be greatly...
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    Sold  Water Jacket Jet Black / VR28 Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello Ofamily for sale this perfect and in like new condition water jacket black with vr28 black iridium lenses, I never used it and comes complete with the box, bag, and all the extras. SKU: 04-675 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $65usd free shipping worldwide. Thanks for look...
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    Sold  Water Jacket Polished Black / Black Iridium Polarized #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this Water Jacket Polished Black with Black Iridium Polarized lenses, I have used them on rare occasions, they are in very good condition, the lenses do not have scratches, I changed the tape for some racing jacket earshoks is more comfortable to wear, comes complete with...
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    Deal  Water jacket gen 2 blu frame with your choice of vr28 lenses or vr50 brown transition lenses.

    Racing jacket ( water kit ) blue with some lense choices. Price is 200$ glasses with one set of lenses, extra lens negotiable only with purchase as a pack. Glasses only no bag or box included. 200$ plus shipping ( 20$ ) condition is great, no noticeable problem except for possible light...
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    For Sale  Dark Chrome/New Blue - Racing/Water Jacket bundle options.

    ALL GONE For sale a few very nice Racing Jackets and a Water Jacket - several bundle options possible to save on shipping. 1 New Blue Water Jacket with VR28 lenses - excellent condition - no issues on frame, logo or rubbers. Lenses are 9+/10 - I can’t find any issues. 200 $ 1 New Blue Racing...
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    Sold  Water Jacket - Brown color

    Hi all, Got a slightly used Water Jacket for sale. Frame has no noticeable scratch, rubber very good, lenses in good working condition. All in, box, cleaning solution minus mf bag & outer paper box (all seen in picture included) $OLD PayPal G&S (EMS shipping included). Thank you for...
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    Sold  Water Jacket Jet Black with VR28

    Hi all, Got a slightly used Water Jacket for sale. Can't find any defect. Frame has small scratch on one arm (lower part), rubber very good, lenses are like new. All in, box, mf bag, cleaning solution (all seen in picture included) 130$ PayPal G&S (EMS shipping included).
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    For Sale  Water Jacket jet black w/ vr28 SKU: 04-675

    Hello all for sale other water jacket this time a jet black w/ vr28, is brad new with box, have a little defect the paint is little peling under let orbital, is very low and difficult to see, look pics, the rest is perfect. Description: BNIBWD SKU: 04-675 Lenses 10/10 Frame 9,9/10...
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    Sold  Water Jacket New Blue w/ vr28 SKU: 04-676 #SOLD

    Hello bros for sale a water jacket in like new condition, only displayed, is new blue with vr28 lenses, came complete with out box, don't have defects. Description: LNOB SKU: 04-676 Lenses 9,9/10 Frame 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price: $220 allin, OBO. Thanks for look.
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    Sold  LNWOB all OEM Water Jacket - Jet Black / BIP vented

    LNWOB all OEM Water Jacket - Jet Black / BIP vented Condition: I believe it has never been worn. Can't find any issues at all, and lenses are absolutely clean. All rubbers are OEM and like new. Includes pair as shown in the pictures Price $SOLD shipped USA, PP G&S
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    For Sale  Water Jacket New Blue..

    Hi guys, Selling a pair of New Blue / VR28 Water Jacket. “Frame is in excellent condition.. lenses have very minor signs of wear; a few cleaning marks and right lens has a thin scratch on the right side, that doesn't interfere with vision. Comes with box, but no mf-bag. 215 $ - PayPal G&S - Shipped.
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    Deal  New Blue water Jacket for Madman Ruby

    Trading a brand new complete mint unused water Jacket for a Madman carbon frame with Ruby lenses plus cash on your side perhaps depending on Condition. Water Jacket is 10/10 i would say as it has never been used. Please pm offers
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    For Sale  Water Jackets - jet Black & New Blue..

    For sale 2 pairs of Water Jackets.. 1. Jet Black / VR28 Sunnies only Excellent condition - can't find any issues 9-9.5/10 225 $ - PayPal G&S - shipped 2. New Blue / VR28 With complete inner box set.. Excellent condition - can't find any issues 9-9.5/10 300 $ - PayPal G&S - shipped.
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    For Sale  Water Jacket...

    Hi guys, Up for sale is a pair of Water Jacket - Jet Black/VR28 Excellent condition - frame, rubbers and strap are spotless. Lenses have a couple of very tiny cleaning marks. Haven't been able to catch them on camera and they have absolutely no impact on vision - 9/10. Comes with inner hard box...
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    For Sale  Fernando's sales " Consolidate tread " New: All prices drop "

    Welcome to my consolidate sales thread... General Information: Payments in paypal G&S All prices include shipping Worldwide from spain. Additional pictures available upon request. Trades I would consider: Carbon Fiber Money Clip 40 Years Anniversary Book Robotic Store f. Carbon carabine...
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    Sold  Brand New OEM lenses for Water Jacket & Early Gen. Racing Jacket - ALL GONE

    Brand New OEM lenses for Water Jacket & Early Gen. Racing Jacket All prices include S&H ConUS, G&S (For seller protection I can only ship to address that buyer has on file with PayPal ....... or else ;)) Please note that these lenses will only fit Water Jacket and early generation Racing...
  19. rmontez

    Oh no another water jacket

    I paid a little more than what I want, about $25, but I thought this was a cool color and it was complete. I thought this was really cool. I have always wondered what the green leash was for or more so an explanation from Oakley and this came in the package. I have never surfed before...
  20. rmontez

    Yet another water jacket!

    I don't know I get obsessed with things but I found this piece on ebay and had some extra parts so I got another pair of nice jackets. This is how I got them from Ebay. It had after market rubbers on them which I wasn't aware of but had an extra strap and a set of lenses. So I have 3...