why 3

  1. U

    For Sale Oakley RX Bolts/Screws

    $15 per set $5 shipped CONUSA (international on your dime) I do not own all pairs and cannot check with real item. I will provide closeup shots as needed. Available:- 03 OO Screws Dark 71117 - 10 OO Screws Satin 7116 - 3 pairs A Wire Screws Copper 711020 A Wire Screws Platinum 7119 Blender...
  2. G

    O3 lens shapes Vs. Why3 lens shapes

    Are the O3 lens shapes the same as the Why3 lens shapes? I just picked up an O3 drill kit for collectibility, and it hasn’t arrived yet but does anyone know if the lens shapes are similar?
  3. U

    For Sale Why3 titanium blue 05-852

    Hello OBro's for sale this time a other old school frame why3 titanium with blue lenses, the frame and rubbers are perfect but the lenses is dead need change I put inside the deal but important need change, came with mf-bag only, perfect for rx or to put new lenses. Frame 9,9/10...
  4. crconsulting

    Why Me...

    Not exactly recent purchases, well maybe 50% recent :cool-33: I'm the original owner, but had the coating on the lenses flake away. Typically seems to happen to most of these. And since I'm such a glutton for punishment... Had Chris Hardaway cut some nice lenses for my old Why's (he did a...