wind jackets

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    I'm selling a 9.2/10 pair of oo9142-02 Ducati Wind Jackets. Frame has never been worn, clear lenses are new, the grey lens has two very small dots in the corner of the lens. $220+ shipping or best offer. Comes with original hard case and tags are still on it.
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    Buying WTB-Split Jacket Wind Gasket Accessory Upgrade Kit

    Hey guys. I'm looking for Wind Gasket Accessory Upgrade Kit to upgrade my Split Jacket. Can anyone help me? I have a US address.
  3. sybiria

    Split/Wind Jackets with Dillon Matte Lenses (Rare)

    Some more beauties Si Split and Wind Jackets with Matte frame and Matte lenses Special thanks to "you know who" for making this mod possible! The quality of work is A+! The split jackets as you know are able to change lenses with no tools and this functionality is passed on with these lenses as...
  4. Dallas O Hog

    The Hog Pen

    Lol figured be easier to put my stuff in one thread. I will take pics of everything after I get a bunch of stuff I picked up from chop. Heres a couple I just snagged I love the r2 over the r1. Don't really care for gold iridium. Snagged these off CL!