wire frames

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    Taper vs Squarewire 2.0 vs wire tap 2.0

    I currently wear Tapers and also have Whiskers and have owned the original square wires. Thoughts on the wire tap 2.0 glasses?? I only wear wire frames but with the wire taps it’s a half frame....
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    For Sale  x5 New Wire Frames

    Hello OF for sale this five new wires frames, all frame have nose pads, and don’t have defects, all is 10/10. Price: $50 for each frame + $25 for the fees and shipping. $75 allin each in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance ). Or $300 allin for all together. A...
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    Spring hinge broke again, need new frames, help, what wire frame?

    Use these frames with prescription progressive transitional lenses for everyday use, Love them but they slip off My nose all The time. Plan to buy new frames, but need to Know exactly what The frames are called, so The lenses Will fit. Are they A-wire 2.0 spring hinge? Will the lenses fit any...