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    For Sale Oakley Feedback Rose Gold BNIB

    Hey friends. Brand new in box for your lady’s birthday, anniversary, or special occasion: Oakley Feedback Rose Gold frame VR50 Brown Gradient http://www.o-review.com/database_detail_colorway.php?ID=9002&table_name=glasses I have it from a certain expert here (@Blondie) that of all the aviator...
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    For Sale $20 OEM gray / grey Breathless lenses - brand new

    Genuine gray / grey tint Oakley lenses, for a lady. Brand new. 95%sure these are for the Oakley Dart. Oakley Breathless lenses (if they don't fit I would accept a return if undamaged) Brand new but threw out the box — arg. @herbieninja @Blondie @Titan X @zcrxsi please weigh in. $40 $30 $20...