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    Sold  Women's Display Case

    Selling my wife's Oakley display case. Case is still in very good condition. One of the more unique cases Oakley produced, plus one of the few that was specific with the female script. Only real issue is the electrical in the storage compartment. Not sure how the person that had this before...
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    Sold  Women's Styles (Trailing Point and Low Key)

    Picked these up in a bulk deal and my wife is just not a fan. All are brand new and will come with microfiber bag. Prices are shipped in the US. Trailing Point - Matte Black with Prizm Rose Gold Polarized - $100 Trailing Point - Polished Black with Prizm Road Black - $80 Trailing Point -...
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    For Sale  Bundle of Women's Pop Card Displays

    Selling as a bundle. All cards are in excellent condition. Measure 4x6 $30 for all, shipped.
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    For Sale  $20 OEM gray / grey Breathless lenses - brand new

    Genuine gray / grey tint Oakley lenses, for a lady. Brand new. 95%sure these are for the Oakley Dart. Oakley Breathless lenses (if they don't fit I would accept a return if undamaged) Brand new but threw out the box — arg. @herbieninja @Blondie @Titan X @zcrxsi please weigh in. $40 $30 $20...
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    Sold  Women's Sunglasses Sale

    Got a friend cleaning out her case. $70 shipped each. Beckon - Polished Black with Black-Grey Gradient (Kate Voegele Special Edition) Confront - Black Tortoise with Grey Polarized Confront - Grey Cloud with Grey Fringe - Watermelon with G40 Black Gradient News Flash - Black Shadow with Black...
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    Traded  Satin rose gold/brown polarized Conquest (women's)

    I have these Satin rose gold frame with brown polarized lenses Conquest women's sunglasses that I got in a big trade deal. It's new with the sticker still on the lens but both lenses have micro scratches that are very hard to photographed. My wife didn't like the shape, so I wanted to trade it...