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    Are Caveats "for women"?

    So, I wanted some aviator-style sunnies and just got a good deal on a pair of Caveats. Without meaning to be immodest, they totally suit me and look all Top Gun and stuff. Then I started seeing that they are marketed everywhere as "women's" sunglasses. I am a man. A cisgender man, if you want...
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    For Sale  Oakley Feedback Rose Gold BNIB

    Hey friends. Brand new in box for your lady’s birthday, anniversary, or special occasion: Oakley Feedback Rose Gold frame VR50 Brown Gradient http://www.o-review.com/database_detail_colorway.php?ID=9002&table_name=glasses I have it from a certain expert here (@Blondie) that of all the aviator...
  3. O

    Women's Oakley display case

    Selling this women's display case I have. Couple of marks on the plexiglass from when it was inside of a store. $200. I live near the Ft. Myers Cape Coral Florida area Price Reduced $175 This case stands 6 feet tall and I cannot deliver and can only do local pickup.
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    For Sale  $20 OEM gray / grey Breathless lenses - brand new

    Genuine gray / grey tint Oakley lenses, for a lady. Brand new. 95%sure these are for the Oakley Dart. Oakley Breathless lenses (if they don't fit I would accept a return if undamaged) Brand new but threw out the box — arg. @herbieninja @Blondie @Titan X @zcrxsi please weigh in. $40 $30 $20...
  5. ForYSC

    Assault collection

    This beauty has already passed through my collection! Assault tall ❤
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    Sold  Reverie

    Up for sell is a Women's Reverie - Grey Smoke frame with Sapphire Iridium Polarized lenses. Glasses are brand new and come with case, microfiber bag and box. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $100 shipped in the US.
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    Sold  Women 12 Piece Counter top Display 97-866

    Women 12 piece Counter top Display 97-866 new Price $ 450 Pay by Paypal I send free only to the United States.
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    Traded  Satin rose gold/brown polarized Conquest (women's)

    I have these Satin rose gold frame with brown polarized lenses Conquest women's sunglasses that I got in a big trade deal. It's new with the sticker still on the lens but both lenses have micro scratches that are very hard to photographed. My wife didn't like the shape, so I wanted to trade it...