x metal mars

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    Selling my Mars. What you see is what you get. Took me a long time to get but I don't wear. Will take 600 plus shipping. Will take Juliet lenses and rubbers as partial trade. Thanks for the look.
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    Value of Crater X Metal’s

    Hello all, curious what the value of my old Mars XMetal Craters currently is? I found them cleaning out my closet the other day. I purchased them I believe around 97’ or 98’. I don’t have the original packaging, coin, or vault but the glasses themselves are in immaculate condition w/ the...
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    Sold  Oakley X metal mars

    Hey OF, looking to sell a couple of my X metal mars. Each comes with a microbag and X metal soft case. No box or coin, They are 9/10. Small blemish on frame, lenses are mint. $415 each or both for $800 PayPal G&S, shipping included. Send me a pm.