x-metal stand

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    Sold  Flippers Dream - Oakley Metal Display Stands

    I am selling 36 of the metal display stands. All have been used and have a few nicks or scuffs. Some have the typical bending issue for the 2 tier ones but can be easily straightened back into shape. 18 - 1 tier 18 - 2 tier Selling all 36 for $225 PayPal G&S shipping included CONUS. That's...
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    Sold  Various pairs and stands for sale

    I have various different pairs of Oakleys up for sale. Unless otherwise stated, each will come with the matching bag and box. Pretty much all of them are in like new shape and haven't been worn many times. As of right now, I am looking at only shipping within the US. Only reason for selling is...
  3. Mark Southwell

    Good Day on the Bay

    Had a great day on the Bay today, snagged a cool display piece, 3 double x-metal stands, Juliet Plasma, Hijinx Propaganda (were listed as "Men's Oakley Limited Edition White Sunglasses") and Tron Pitboss all for below what I would consider fair value