1. SolarOracle

    Sold Polished X-Metal Large Vault

    Selling this beautiful Polished X-Metal Large Vault in very nice condition Snap tight and close perfectly! Inside has been cleaned and polished but no foam Very nice display piece $85 shipped CONUS
  2. Linegear Japan

    Sold X-Metal Coin: Juliet

    These coins are in good condition. These are nice to display along side your Oakley or X-Metal collection. -Juliet Coin, 25$ each, last one -Romeo 1, 30$ each, sold out -XX, 30$ each, sold out Free shipping already included. Thank you for considering. X-Metal vault, large size, SOLD -Old...
  3. SolarOracle

    Buying X-Metal Large Vault "X"

    Looking for a New or Mint X-Metal Vault Silver Case. Size Large which will fit any of the X Metal line. I can pay cash or trade! Show me what you have for quick money
  4. Bredon8

    X-Metal Vault foam replacement

    Like many others, the foam in my rectangular vault from back in 2000 completely deteriorated. Anyone know of where to get a replacement? I tried cutting foam myself but that had a usable but very ugly result. Anyone specialists make these?
  5. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Large Metal X-Metal Vault - SOLD on EBAY

    As the title says, as the pictures show. Price $95 includes shipping ConUS PP G&S. (Will ship oConUS on your dime). For seller protection I will only ship to approved addresses on file with PayPal ... or else ;). Enjoy