x-metal vault

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    Sold New Oakley Ducati Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium + RX X-Metal Soft Vault and rare cardboard box

    I have a X-Metal Ducati Juliet for sale. The serialized frame was worn two or three times with RX lenses. Lenses were built back to the original Ducati etched Black Iridium lenses which were never used - so they are new! Nosebridge is tight! Package includes replacement rubbers, coin, bag and...
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    Sold Polished X-Metal Large Vault

    Selling this beautiful Polished X-Metal Large Vault in very nice condition Snap tight and close perfectly! Inside has been cleaned and polished but no foam Very nice display piece $85 shipped CONUS
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    Sold X-Metal Coin: Juliet

    These coins are in good condition. These are nice to display along side your Oakley or X-Metal collection. -Juliet Coin, 25$ each, last one -Romeo 1, 30$ each, sold out -XX, 30$ each, sold out Free shipping already included. Thank you for considering. X-Metal vault, large size, SOLD -Old...
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    Buying X-Metal Large Vault "X"

    Looking for a New or Mint X-Metal Vault Silver Case. Size Large which will fit any of the X Metal line. I can pay cash or trade! Show me what you have for quick money
  5. Bredon8

    X-Metal Vault foam replacement

    Like many others, the foam in my rectangular vault from back in 2000 completely deteriorated. Anyone know of where to get a replacement? I tried cutting foam myself but that had a usable but very ugly result. Anyone specialists make these?
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    Sold Large Metal X-Metal Vault - SOLD on EBAY

    As the title says, as the pictures show. Price $95 includes shipping ConUS PP G&S. (Will ship oConUS on your dime). For seller protection I will only ship to approved addresses on file with PayPal ... or else ;). Enjoy