1. U

    For Sale X-Metals (R1, R1J, Mars, Penny, Juliet)

    Here's a list I don't mind letting go, it's about 1/3rd of my collection. I bought them all this year, so I most likely overpaid, and they'll stay in my collection if I can't sell for what I have in them. Kindly move along if you don't like the price and find the right pair within your price...
  2. weshardeniv

    My Growing X-Metal Collection

    Decided to house my X-Metals in an Oakley Strongbox, that I put a Stark Industries name plate on.
  3. Maveryq13

    Custom Display

    I wasn't happy with the available Oakley displays from stores, so I built this for about $75. I wanted something nice and stylish in the home for my X collection.
  4. J

    Oakley Juliet X-Metal Just Scored!!!!

    Just scored these X-Metal Juliets. My first pair!!!
  5. U

    Sold Various X-Metals (R1, XX XM, XS OO BIP, Juliet Black Tie) & more

    I have put together a consolidated thread of almost everything that I am selling. I am travelling right now, so I will add all pictures on Monday when I get back home. Some I have on my phone so I'm adding right now Prices include Shipping ConUS, G&S (for seller protection I can only ship to...