1. BoostBear

    For Sale /Trading X-Squared XM + Extras ~ for JB or XX

    X-Squared in XM finish in near spotless condition, the underside of the frame has some very faint marks. Factory tight with all original rubbers, tried on twice but otherwise unworn and only used for display. Prizm Black Iridium Polarized lenses. Straightlink donors, mounted once before worn...
  2. Norcal91707

    Deal XS plasmas

    Willing to sell within the next 3 hours, if not I'll probably just keep em Nose is tight on right side/left needs to be tightened a little bit, no scuffs or dings, lenses have no visible scratches
  3. Maveryq13

    Cracked Carbon X-Metal Repair

    Bought a pair of Carbon X Squared second hand, and noticed a crack near the hinge after disassembling them for cleaning. Can't return them. Anyone have any recommendations for repair? Thanks
  4. Mike.vanderkoon

    Multiple X-Squared on Ebay...Suspicious

    I noticed one of the sellers (liqde_0 ) on Ebay is selling multiple "new" X-squares as buy now. Currently 3 available and looking at their past reviews, which are positive and also indicate they have sold several pairs in the past . He is listing them as new without any lenses and box which...
  5. kitcostantino

    Sold XM XS Beater $275 OBO Shipped Con US

    Okay. I have kind of struggled with what i want to do with this pair. Its an XS XM with Ruby non polar. the sku on the arm is the correct one for the lenses and finish. Lenses are worn and finish is in good shape. Its a nice looking pair at first glance, but I am honest abe when selling...
  6. brisci

    Sold X-Squared Gold coin

    I have been researching what these sell for - it is all over the place. So I am going to say $Sold, just to be in the middle. Make an offer if you want. I am just getting used to pricing stuff. It was in the bag when I got it, took out to photograph and it went back in. It seems very clean.
  7. CrazyALee

    Buying X squared: in xmetal frame/various lens, good to mint condition

    Hello, I am looking to buy an x squared in the x metal frame color, and various lens colors acceptable (but mostly prefer black iridum or ruby). Please let me know what you guys have and your prices. Should be in good/decent condition. Thank you!
  8. Tripax

    For Sale XS Lense set of 3

    3 sets of X square lenses for sale. all Original OEM lenses with box. 1. Ruby lens. Right lens in good condition but left lens is scratched. Please see pics. 2. Black iridium lens. One nick on left lens. As pictured. (no box) 3. Black Iridium lens. no scratches or nicks from what I can see...
  9. M

    For Sale Oakley X-Metals: X-squared, Penny, Half-X

    Oakley X-squared, Penny and Half-X for sale. Payment PayPal G&S. Shipping to CONUS included. Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks X-squared - Carbon Frame / 00 BIP lenses - lenses, frame, rubbers, and nose bridge are in great shape. Includes box, coin, paperwork, microfiber...
  10. xmetal40

    Deal X-Squared Carbon Black Polar + lenses - Price Drop

    CONUS shipping. Frame: 9. No noticeable marks. Very light use. Lenses: 9+. Fantastic shape. No scratches on either lens that I see. Nose bridge: 8.5. Rubber: not new, but very nice. The fire polar: Lenses: 8 for right, 9 for left. Just light marks I can’t capture with a camera phone. There...
  11. O

    Sold X-Metal clear out!

    Hi guys, With an upcoming house move and a focus elsewhere time to continue clearing out the storage bins of all the Oakley stuff I accumulated over many years at the big O. Basic info: no boxes, all in micro bags of some sort or another, all ex display as I would call them with excellent...
  12. Jeff Council

    Found XS frames

    Looking for XS frames that are tight enough to wear. They do not have to have lenses and mainly looking for polished or x metal frames, but not a deal breaker. Thanks!
  13. Jmgarcia

    For Sale XS Lenses/rubbers

    1.XS OEM slate lenses Asking $73 with shipping within the US. 2. 3 sets of 15 shox (shallow style), small nose bombs and a pair of ear socks. All rubbers were mounted on frames but show no heavy signs of use. Asking $53. Sold!
  14. Atticus

    Traded XS Carbon with Box and Ruby Prizm lenses

    Picked this package up recently and found I’m wearing my XX more, so going to let them go instead of sit around. Frames are in nice shape and are tight. A couple small marks on the top of frame that I captured in pics. Can’t find any issues with Ruby lenses, but they have been worn. Includes...
  15. Xformr

    Sold X-Squared custom Prizm Ruby lenses

    Cut by our very own, The Optical Champ, these Prizm Ruby lenses are cut from Straightlink donors, so they are correct curve. Fantastic lenses and a favorite of mine, but going in a different direction. Similar external appearance to Ruby Iridium, but has the beautiful contrast and clarity...
  16. Atticus

    Found XS Carbon

    Looking for a pair of XS. Have a couple I am considering but they aren’t quite exact... Looking for excellent condition carbon frame without Ice or BI (or any “grey” lens when looking through them) These will be a wear pair, so box is not important but a soft vault would be nice... PM me if...
  17. Murph1219

    Buying Juliet, XS rubber.

    Well Oakley F**ked my order up so I didn't get any of the Juliet rubber I ordered when they posted it a couple months back. Anyone order too much and need to unload a couple boxes without taking me to the cleaners? Could use a set of XS rubber also. Thanks, Greg
  18. Xformr

    Sold OEM X-Squared Fire Iridium Polarized lenses

    In very good condition, I'd give them about 7.5 or 8/10 because of mounting marks (see pics). I don't see any other signs of use. Had these in their original OO6011-04 plasma frame for years, swapped out, remounted, now I'm letting them go. $65 OBO (G&S & CONUS shipping included) Pm for...
  19. xmetal40

    For Sale X Squared lenses

    CONUS shipping please. Slate: BNIB. $60. Fire Polarized: mounted once. Small scratch on right lens. $50. Both sets for $100.
  20. xmetal40

    Names for the X-Metal frames: anyone know intel regarding how they came up with these names?

    I'm sure this will not be an easy subject to garner information, but I'm quite curious.
  21. xmetal40

    Humidor for lenses?

    Perhaps this proves to be a moot point; regardless, I am curious if anyone uses a humidor for lenses? Any other ideas to ensure that lenses do not peel?
  22. L5072

    For Sale X-squared x metal ruby iridium box

    gonna sell set w/ glasses
  23. cacatman

    🦘Quick Links to X-Metal Information

    Last updated 4th September, 2019 by cacatman Stop Press If you haven't registered your numbered Juliets or X-metals with the relevant threads as mentioned below, make sure you do that, because there's a company printing fake numbers on X-metal ear stems. See thread about it here....Scary X...
  24. 1alembic

    Buying XS polished frame or others to polish

    Dear All I would like to buy an x-squared polished.I have a pair of Plasma and polished carbon frames with a few different lenses. I love them and would like to get the chrome polished frame too. Feel free to pm. thanks in advance Kevin
  25. Jeff Council

    Found Looking for XS (still interested in others)

    Polished, Plasma, or X metal Doesn't have to be complete but prefer OEM lenses or custom cut OEM. PM me with details conditions. Not looking for your 650$ NIB sets these will be worn. Thanks!
  26. XMetalAddict

    Meet My XS Family

    It has taken some time, but I have finally managed to complete the collection. The last piece thanks to @stevepc74 Plasma Ice Iridium - 006011-02 Plasma FIP- 006011-04 Polished VR28BIP - 006011-05 Rx Carbon OO RIP (BI lenses stored away)- 006011-01 Ducati Carbon BI- 006011-09 Polished Carbon...
  27. Jiminy

    Buying X-Metal X-Squared wanted. GC

    I'd like to buy a pair of XM XS in original x-metal finish (not refinished). Want them to wear so no need for box, coin etc but I'd like a bag and proper x-metal soft vault if I can. Only interested in x- metal in good condition (not plasma, polished etc) with genuine lenses, custom cuts are...
  28. Jiminy

    Buying X-Metal X-Squared original lenses preferred

    Id like to buy a good condition x squared for wearing (not for collection/display). Would prefer boxes etc but I understand if I'm being ambitious. X metal finish only please. Ruby lenses preferably but all others inc aftermarket and damaged lenses in good frames will considered. Can only...
  29. Jiminy

    X-squared for larger face?

    I'm new here, and have found some older threads with similar questions, but a lot of the photographs no longer load, so I'm asking again I'm a fairly large guy, 195cm 120kg+ and have a large head, (I wear a 58-59cm hat) and I seriously want a pair of X-Metals. I like the look of the XS, I own...
  30. Rotorhead

    Found Boxes and coin for XS / x-metal frame / ruby iridium lens, ex. cond.

    I have the glasses and MF bag. Just need the boxes and coin for an X Squared w/ x-metal frame and ruby iridium lens. Would like near mint or above. Please PM. Thanks for looking!