x-squared xm

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    Sold  X-Squared X-Metal/Ruby

    X-Squared X-Metal/Ruby. Warranty Frame in mint condition, factory tight, rubbers like new, all OEM. No SKU. Lenses are ruby (not fruby) and they are perfect for wearing, but the iridium is peeling on the outside, bottom of both lenses (see pics 8 & 9). When wearing, the lenses are extremely...
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    Sold  NEW XS X-Metal w/Ruby 465$ & XS Plasma w/BIP 450$

    These are new, un-used, fresh from storage. Non-serial frame, but with size mark. It comes with mf bag. Condition: Frame, Lenses, Rubber 10/10. XS X-Metal with Ruby 465$ XS Plasma with Black Iridium Polarized 450$ PayPal G&S, EMS shipping incl. (3 - 7 days) from Japan. Thank you for looking...