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    Buying  Half Jacket 1.0 XL OEM Lenses

    Looking for a pair of OEM Half Jacket 1.0 lenses, preferably XL lenses. Looking for black iridium, VR28, ice, fire, or basically any neutral type of lens. They can be polarized or not, just looking for a good deal that won't break the bank. They don't have to be new, but I would definitely...
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    For Sale  Flak Jacket XLJ Rootbeer

    Rootbeer Flak Jacket XLJ 24-901 8/10 condition - arms still have a bit of snappiness in the hinge, some fading to the center icon, some scuffs around. Fresh Rootbeer ear-sock kit + nose bombs w/ spares. Aftermarket Polarized Ruby Iridium lenses, there's a blemish to the outside right of R lens...
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    Buying  Flak Jacket XLJ Lenses

    It's been a while since I got new lenses and my current ones are scratched to hell. Show me what you got for Flak Jacket XLJ lenses. Polarized welcome and I wouldn't mind replacing my G30's. Thanks
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    Polarized etching on lens

    I bought a new pair of oakley flak jacket xlj polarized on ebay and I received them yesterday and can someone please tell me what side of the lens polarized is etched on. Like the front or back side. I thought it was on the front but these are on the back
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    Trading  Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ - Black w/ BIP Lenses

    Looking for a Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime lenses or BIP lenses. Also willing to sell the XLJ ~$100. Excellent condition. PayPal all set up if need be.
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    For Sale  Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ Fire Polarized, BIP Reg Lenses

    Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ fire polarized lenses for sale. These have been mounted once and worn briefly. I don't see any flaws on them other than the faintest of mounting marks. Please note that the polarized etching is on the inside. Includes lens foam only. Asking $85 $75 USD shipped to US, $80 $70...
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    24K Flak Jacket XLJ

    Does anyone know if Oakley will release 24k iridium for the flakjackets?