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    For Sale Flak Jacket XLJ Rootbeer

    Rootbeer Flak Jacket XLJ 24-901 8/10 condition - arms still have a bit of snappiness in the hinge, some fading to the center icon, some scuffs around. Fresh Rootbeer ear-sock kit + nose bombs w/ spares. Aftermarket Polarized Ruby Iridium lenses, there's a blemish to the outside right of R lens...
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    Buying Flak Jacket XLJ Lenses

    It's been a while since I got new lenses and my current ones are scratched to hell. Show me what you got for Flak Jacket XLJ lenses. Polarized welcome and I wouldn't mind replacing my G30's. Thanks
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    Polarized etching on lens

    I bought a new pair of oakley flak jacket xlj polarized on ebay and I received them yesterday and can someone please tell me what side of the lens polarized is etched on. Like the front or back side. I thought it was on the front but these are on the back
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    Trading Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ - Black w/ BIP Lenses

    Looking for a Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime lenses or BIP lenses. Also willing to sell the XLJ ~$100. Excellent condition. PayPal all set up if need be.
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    For Sale Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ Fire Polarized, BIP Reg Lenses

    Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ fire polarized lenses for sale. These have been mounted once and worn briefly. I don't see any flaws on them other than the faintest of mounting marks. Please note that the polarized etching is on the inside. Includes lens foam only. Asking $85 $75 USD shipped to US, $80 $70...
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    24K Flak Jacket XLJ

    Does anyone know if Oakley will release 24k iridium for the flakjackets?